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  • Thursday, 3 September 2020 11:59:32

    A new reason for men to be sure their underpants are clean and presentable -

    Snickers' new video is short, sweet and spot on when it comes to the importance of the right tighty whities.

    There are no statistics on how many chaps working from home have been caught accidentally revealing their favourite men's underwear, but there must be hundreds. Don't forget your knickers, or your Snickers, now we're back in a face-to-face world…

    And if you seek pure white male boxers or briefs, Deadgoodundies always offers hundreds of choices. We even have a special section for cotton underwear for men, from classics to fashion designs - every one a daily luxury.

    If you go full Y-front, make sure they're smart pants - here's the Jockey Classic Y-Front Brief in 100% cotton, just £7.50 a pair on black, white, silver grey or azure blue on DGU.

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  • Tuesday, 18 August 2020 01:01:30

    Happy to report mail to New Zealand and Taiwan is back in action, as it is throughout most of the world.

    But the Covid-19 pandemic continues, on occasion, to affect postal and delivery systems internationally and within the UK. Most deliveries arrive as usual now, but there can still be delays so please bear with us as this is beyond our control.

    From our experience, we know shipments into and around America and Australia are taking longer than we would hope.

    If you have any concerns about the timing for shipping to you or that your lovely DGU parcel is late, please email [email protected] for advice.

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  • Monday, 29 June 2020 15:24:38

    Thank you Mr Deedes of the Daily Mail for one of the best, most comprehensive – and accurate – articles on men's underwear for many a month.

    We were delighted to see his feature today and read of his own horror at (a) the hideous raggedy undies apparently stylish men will still wear and (b) that a third of adult males still let Mother buy their pants!

    Deadgoodundies.com would, of course, have loved to see a mention of the ease of buying male underwear boxers and briefs online, in particular from DGU, or Thomas Clinch menswear whose survey (and lovely posh loose boxer shorts) inspired Deedes' tale. But we appreciate Mr D also mentions that some chaps, him included, can feel a little intimidated by seeing underpants on a male model.

    We call on DM readers and Henry Deedes' fans and followers to take his advice and revamp their underwear selection. It doesn't have to be all at once. Make a start with a pair of pristine cotton boxers or briefs and wait for the desired effect. Deedes explains how it all works!

    Up the ante in Sloggi


    PICTURED: The Sloggi GO Short 3 Pack at £33.00 is an affordable adventure into boxer briefs. Offered in SEVEN colour combinations, including all white or all black, these men's shorts are ultra comfortable in durable 96% cotton with 4% elastane for a perfect fit. One choice in literally hundreds of men's cotton underwear briefs, boxers and more on Deadgoodundies.com.

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  • Wednesday, 3 June 2020 12:03:34

    It's great fun when you come across a mention of Deadgoodundies.com that still makes you smile…

    In this case our men's underwear mention on Comedy Central isn't about the Glastonbury Festival, but a rather sultry men's t-shirt worn by former Mr Gay World Stuart Hatton Jr.

    Scroll beyond the reasons for avoiding Glastonbury (sadly cancelled this year) to the list of Perfectly Good Things Ruined by Hipsters, and at No 17 see Stuart modelling the Doreanse 2850 Deep V Neck Party T-Shirt (£18.00 in cotton modal, black or white). Our male tee is joined by boxed water, coffee in a glass tube, bread served in a wool cap and a wooden bike…

    Thank you Stuart Hatton for making the Party T-Shirt look so good. Deadgoodundies.com has plenty more men's underwear tops, vests and t-shirts, so if you're looking for a special neckline or fabric, a sexy second skin tank, or just a classic luxury cotton tee, nip to https://www.deadgoodundies.com/t-shirts-vests-tops. There's a huge choice in short sleeve, long sleeve and sleeveless male tops, muscle vests and traditional string and solid vests, colours, even prints, as well as black, white and grey, plus a few surprises… Have you seen our one piece underwear for men?

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  • Wednesday, 27 May 2020 15:14:36

    The 5 Best Boxer Briefs on Deadgoodundies.com have taken some choosing – but our men's underwear experts have selected the top five that are the worthiest best sellers.

    What makes these male designer shorts the best in class is a combination of styling, shape, pouch, fabric, fit and those extra details that make a basic boxer stand out from the rest.

    Once upon a time Joe Bloggs Esquire had to decide between boxers and briefs – a classic woven loose fitting short versus mini tighty whitey underpants. Then along came the male boxer brief, combining the best of both designs. This new shape offers full coverage, down onto the thigh, with the snug feel of a brief – a hybrid that looks modern, stays smooth under clothes, and is a thoroughly safe choice for millions of men.

    As the boxer brief gathered fans, menswear designers realised one way to differentiate their products from others was to make the most of the waistband with signature branding. Today the most visible differentiation continues to be around waist elastics, though sometimes it can be the pouch – be that a traditional low profile frontage or an anatomical pouch that lifts genitals away from the body in a popular and super comfortable ergonomic shape.

    True boxer briefs tend to be plain, simple, cleverly worked to fit like a glove without restriction, and with a level of day-long comfort it's hard to beat. But today's 'boxer' is interpreted in many different ways, sometimes cut high front and back in a cheeky style, or a low rise hipster trunk. Some have an enhancing pouch, and of course these gents' shorts come in many fabrics way beyond familiar stretch cotton or cotton-modal. Think silky, lacy, wet look, sheer, brightly patterned, subtly striped and more. Don't miss the delightfully different feel when wearing bamboo underpants!

    If you're wondering where to buy, Deadgoodundies.com offers one of the biggest selections of men's boxer briefs underwear in one place anywhere in the world, with literally hundreds of choices and constantly updated stock. Ranking Deadgoodundies' top five boxer briefs for 2020 has been tricky, but partner Adam Davies rose to the challenge.

    "One thing to bear in mind when shopping for men's boxer briefs, especially at Deadgoodundies where there is a huge choice, is that different brands call the same or similar shapes by different names – for example trunks, hipsters, shorts, mini pants or maxi briefs. They all have the same deep side and boxy shape," says Adam.

    "To add to the picture, close fitting boxer briefs with longer legs, offering more thigh cover and a sporty look, tend to be called boxer shorts! DGU stocks only a handful of more traditional loose fit boxer shorts, including rare button-front boxers and Sloggi's specially-designed Slim Fit Boxer. None of these use the stiff woven cotton of old, they are all made from jersey cotton stretch fabrics styled to sit very close to the skin."


    HOM HO1 Boxer Brief

    • Best designer men's boxer brief
    • Best stretch cotton boxers


    Featuring the French brand's patented, horizontal, ambidextrous pouch, this classically shaped maxi men's underwear short costs £26.00. That buys you ultra soft, breathable and supportive male boxer briefs in cotton-modal fabric in black, white, grey or navy, plus seasonal colours added twice a year. The sophisticated look of HOM HO1 Boxer Brief gents' trunk underpants is completed with a lined, low profile pouch and a chic two-tone branded waistband.

    Obviously Freeman AnatoFREE 3 Inch Leg Boxer

    • Best non-cotton boxer briefs – made from bamboo
    • Best anatomical pouch undershorts


    Two new men's underwear experiences in one pair of male trunks – an ergonomic pouch and bamboo fabric that keeps a chap so cool and comfortable, he won't want to wear anything else. Obviously's Freeman AnatoFREE 3 Inch Leg Boxer has many talents – antifungal, antibacterial, tagless for a totally smooth fit, moisture wicking, hypoallergenic, eco-friendly material, with no-chafe seams and a pouch that's slightly more snug that other styles in this line… These are red letter underpants (literally, branding on the waistband is signed in red). This pair sells at £14.75 and there are lots more Obviously for Men underwear styles, more 3-inch but also 9-inch leg boxer briefs for men, a maxi trunk, briefs and a tanga, offering more pouch room and one style designed for guys with larger thighs.

    Sloggi Basic Short

    • Best breathable boxer
    • Best cotton boxers multipack


    This men's underwear may be basic but never compromises on quality or comfort. The Sloggi Basic Short boxer brief comes in single (£13.00) and twin packs (£23.00), both in black or white (the single pack also comes in marl grey or navy) with a shallower branded waistband. In 96% cotton these beautifully breathable male shorts have a lined low profile pouch.

    Doreanse 1779 Hipster

    • Best slim fit boxer brief
    • Best low rise male short


    A fresh take on the modern male boxer, this men's underwear brief is a low rise masterpiece in softest cotton modal – in SEVEN glorious colours: black, white, grey, scarlet or claret red, turquoise or ice pink. With their lined pouch and deep waist elastic signed with the brand name, at £11.00 a pair these low slung trunk underpants sell like hot cakes.

    Jockey Sports Microfibre Active Trunk Twinpack

    • Best wicking boxer brief
    • Best athletic fit boxer short


    The best things come two by two – so does this sporty men's underwear short from one of the world's most famous menswear brands. The Jockey Sports Microfibre Active Trunk Twinpack at £22 (there's a longer leg Boxer Trunk 2 Pack at £26.00, or a Brief twinpack at £18.00) comes in 10 colour duos. In fast dry fabric with targeted panels to let the body breathe, this male sports trunk is essential dressing for active males, but also favoured by gents who run hot whatever they're doing.


    If classic men's boxer briefs aren't quite enough to tempt you to Deadgoodundies.com, remember this specialist men's website has been dedicated to the world's best male underwear brands since 2007.

    Literally hundreds of seasonal and NOS (Never Out of Stock) lines fill the DGU shelves, ready to be delivered to over 80 countries worldwide. Orders place by 3pm UK time on weekdays are shipped same day.

    If you're looking for something different, exclusive designs, rarer brands that are hard to find even online, be sure to browse Deadgoodundies.com.

    When it comes to fashion underwear for men, here are five top trends not to miss:

    SEAMLESS - Designed and made in Europe, in Greece, Modus Vivendi Seamless Boxer Briefs (£25.50) use sustainable Oeko-Tex fabric. Very snug, buy up a size. From a collection that offers everything from plain cotton to camo and glittering men's underwear boxer brief shorts.

    SEE THROUGH – Feather light Olaf Benz RED0965 Mini Pants are translucent, silky maxi shorts in sultry dark or brighter colours (£31.00).

    SEXY – The Joe Snyder Shining Boxer 08 is a sleek, single layer trunk brief in the '08' shape that comes in lots of different fabrics, finishes and colours. For a skimpier boxer brief try a Cheek Boxer 13 with a low rise front and high cut rear.

    ENHANCING – In classic and limited edition colours the Ergowear Max Modal Boxer £21.00 (or the longer Midcut style at £24.00) has an ergonomic pouch and flat seams for improved shape and comfort.

    BRIGHT COLOURS – Lovers of luxury underwear for men will want more. The Impetus H44 Genuine Boxer Brief 2 Pack (£32.00) short uses 64% Lyocell, 30% cotton and 6% elastane for a divine feel. Each twinpack contains two different brightly coloured plain male shorts, tagless for a smooth fit, with minimal branding on a two-tone waistband.

    EXCLUSIVE PRINTS – HOM has lined up a lovely array of exclusive prints for 2020, including this one for the HOM Aqua Trunk (£26.00) in 93% breathable cotton, with a lined pouch and a back seam for a superb fit, but no side seams to keep the fit clean and smooth.

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