Just heard from Jockey that they're discontinuing the Cabernet-Navy-Silver triple pack in the brand's best selling Classic Cotton Y-Front Briefs multipack. DGU has stocked up with as many of the 3 Packs as possible but size 32 is already gone!

Here's the rundown: Jockey Classic Cotton Y-Front Briefs 3 Pack men's underwear comes in several colour combinations. All the others are continuing and will remain in stock on DGU, as will single pair packs of Y-Fronts for men.

ONLY the Cabernet-Navy-Silver trio - the lovely wine, deep blue and soft grey combination - will not return when current supplies run out. DGU has the Cabernet 3 Pack in waist sizes 32-46 at £18.00 a pack, which is a great price for three pairs of 100% cotton underpants for men.

The other multipack colours still available as usual are 3 x black, 3 x white, Navy-Indigo-Azure and Black-Grey-Graphite. All styles have the familiar Jockey branded waistband and an upside down Y front lined pouch with right hand opening.

Loyal customers who want Jockey Classic Cotton Y-Front Briefs can still buy single pairs of their favourite midi underpants in waist sizes 32-46 in black, white, grey, navy or azure blue, and for waists 46-60 in white, grey or navy blue. Please note the sizes group are listed separately in DGU's online shop.

If there are more updates from Jockey, we will keep customers informed, especially if there are changes to the famous brand's iconic Y-Front ranges which have always been a best seller for underwear experts Deadgoodundies.com.

Meanwhile, gents who want to continue wearing their favourite colours in these traditional Y-Fronts need to shop as soon as possible because supplies are expected to dwindle fast.