Delicious pouch underwear for men from Cocksox. Our cover shot is the CX76N Florida Contour Pouch Sports Brief in Miami Pink, also seen here in Clearwater Green. Other colours offered in the chic male micro are rich Palm Beach Blue, Florida Keys palm tree print and Cape Canaveral stripes. This smooth, tagless men's underwear bikini slip is breathable and features the brand's most demure pouch that holds the boys a little closer…

Men's pouch underwear is not so easy to find on the high street, so the internet is the place to discover the perfect pouch for you.

Choosing which male underwear to buy is a very personal decision – even more so the style of pouch on your boxers, briefs or string.

From ultra low profile contours to bulge maximising pouch underwear, the store caters for every possible level of support and shaping. Dedicated exclusively to selling men's designer underwear brands curated from all over the world, DGU understand the difference the right pouch option can make to a gent's masculinity…

Men's pouch briefs in particular have taken off for Deadgoodundies in the past few years. Founder Adam Davies explains: "Enhancing, anatomical, ergonomic… The market's focus on support and enhancement for male genitals has created a wide choice with pouches for every body type - for the well-endowed, chaps who prefer underpants to hug them close, or to hang in a natural anatomical position, to give lift up front or minimise masculine contours. There are roomier pouches for those who like a relaxed fit, no-pouch boxers and briefs, and full-on bulge pouches that keep no secrets!"

Each of the brands stocked by has been chosen for its design prowess – several specifically for their talents with enhancing pouch design.

On the anatomical and ergonomic front there are Ergowear, Obviously for Men and Sukrew, each with its own distinct style. Enhancing underwear for men (those with the 'nose') revels in the prowess of Joe Snyder, Cocksox, Andrew Christian, Cut 4 Men and Manstore. Other brands provide one or several favourite shapes, often a neatly rounded nest pouch that is supremely flattering and comfortable – such as Modus Vivendi, Clever Moda and HOM (which also offers the patented horizontal opening HO1 pouches).

And some brands, such as Olaf Benz and Doreanse, straddle the pouch underwear spectrum with understated low profile pouches all the way to anatomical enhancers, while classic brands like Sloggi, Impetus and Jockey offer classic, breathable men's underpants with various understated pouch boxer brief options.


Q: Why does men's underwear have a pouch?

A: Men's underwear traditionally has a pouch for purely practical reasons – avoiding stickiness, keeping genitals comfortable and contained, and helping gents keep everything in place without constant readjustment. In fashion terms an underwear pouch can also minimise or boost a man's profile.

Q: Why are some pouches lined and others unlined?

A: Men's underpants with pouches on are split evenly between single layer and double layered designs. Unlined pouches are most common on male briefs, giving a lighter look and feel, along with additional breathability. Lined pouches offer additional support, coverage and control – and they're handily drier after a pee thanks to the extra layer of fabric.

Q: What is an HO1 pouch on HOM men's briefs and boxers?

A: French brand HOM created the HO1 horizontal, ambidextrous pouch opening and patented the design in 1997, updating it in 2016. The name is two letters and a number - H… O… 1 rather than H-zero-1. We can't be sure, but the story goes that the name for the drawing stuck – for Horizontal Opening Number 1.

Q: What is the point of a pouch on men's underwear boxers and briefs?

A: To help men stay cool, comfortable, contained and more…

  • avoid sweaty stickiness by lifting genitals away from thighs
  • more room or support depending on styling
  • lined or unlined - single or double layer fabric for maximum breathability or support
  • directional dressing - right, left, up, down… out!
  • anatomical shapes are superbly comfortable
  • they create sexy men's underwear with super enhancing pouches
  • closer fitting pouches create a cocoon for genitals - important for sportsmen
  • breathability without visibility - airy pouches that are still opaque
  • transparent pouches - for showing off (and maximum air conditioning)
  • perky prowess - designs that make the MOST of your masculinity
  • seamed or seamless - seaming can create a good 'nose' or rounded shape
  • men's underwear with a short seam at the base of the pouch is designed for support with least enhancement
  • narrower pouches on men's boxer briefs ensure an understated profile for, say, under a suit or summer pants
  • adjustable pouches on male string underwear and men's pouch thongs - the ultimate personalised fit and effect
  • remember or forget it - some pouches are designed to feel so natural you forget them, others substantial enough to remind and reassure you they're there


DGU's inside track on which brand to choose for which style of pouch underwear.


Three main pouch options

  • Almost Naked designed to be so natural you'll forget you’re wearing undies Sports low key pouches
  • MASSIVE – guess why?


Clever Moda's signature men's underwear pouch shape creates a good nest for genitals, nicely rounded but not too prominent.


Offers three pouch choices with different capacity

  • Original mega enhancing, larger pouch
  • Snug fairly enhancing and looks like a regular undies' pouch
  • Contour this one holds you close and provides good support without crushing

Plus the Cocksox Slingshot pouch is just that!


The latest Cut4Men styles live up to the name with truly enhancing fashion underwear for men.

Original C4M cotton briefs, boxer trunks and cycle length biker shorts have a cosy lined pouch with an understate silhouette.


Pick a pouch…

This is a very broad collection with an equally diverse pouch selection from anatomical Adonis boxers to boosting 1377 Bulge Briefs, via the minimally shaped Aire briefs, trunk and thong, all super light, and taller narrow pouches to supportive sporty shapes.


Just one masterpiece from the experts in ergonomic underwear for men – the enhancing Ergowear MAX XV Bikini comes in nine colours, supersoft breathable material and a great male tanga brief cut that works for every occasion, including sport.

All the ergonomic men's underwear brand's ranges have pouches that create a 'nose' – apart from FEEL.

  • FEEL's pouch is adaptable – wear it your way
  • FEEL XV – this and the original FEEL pouch create a more rounded shape
  • X3D has been succeeded by X4D – both very low cut
  • MAX Modal with the lovely breathable pouch
  • MAX XV with an extra stretchy pouch
  • SLK's pouch feels deeper than the rest of the range

All Ergowear briefs, thongs, tangas, boxers and longer-leg midcut shorts are designed to work with male anatomy – pick the pouch shape and enhancement to suit your body. All Ergowear pouches are unlined.


The French brand offers a range of pouches designed for specific purposes.

  • HO1 horizontal pouches on everyday underpants are comfortable and handy because they're totally ambidextrous
  • HOM Comfort designs don't have a pouch as such, but a base seem to keep everything in order
  • Temptation's sensual looks emphasise the pouch area more with design focus than added inches


Another luxury European brand focused on masculine comfort, Impetus underwear for men has three pouch profiles on briefs, trunks, boxers, longer leg boxers and male tanga thongs.

Their string brief styles have the most shaping at the front, while everyday boxers and trunks have a narrower, low key pouch.

  • Impetus Sport underwear has extra supportive, breathable pouches to help keep you cool under pressure
  • Impetus Seamless briefs have a neat pouch shape, if not an actual pouch, created by clever knitting of the cotton rich fabric


Most famous for the Jockey Y-Front, the American brand offers classic pouch underwear in its cotton and modal styles.

Jockey International fashion men's underwear in seasonal colours and prints adds a topstitched seam around a lined pouch creating a simple shape.

The Jockey Y-Front pouch is available on DGU not only on men's briefs and trunks, but also long john, midway and over knee styles.


The Joe Snyder brand has always been about enhancing your manhood.

  • BULGE styles do exactly what the name suggests
  • FRAME designs enhance and highlight
  • CHEEK BOXERS have a lower profile pouch shape
  • SK01 and SK02 offer an extra small fit but still enhanced up front


There are more than a dozen colour choices in Obviously For Men underwear's low rise bikini slip. Their Obviously PrimeMan AnatoMAX Hipster Brief has the roomier ergonomic pouch option and comes in luxury Lenzing micromodal which is eco-friendly and supremely gentle on the body.

Obviously for Men underwear creates a natural downward position that's cooler and comfier.

Better still, they only use naturally sourced materials - micromodal (PrimeMan) and bamboo rayon (FreeMan and EveryMan) - to make their briefs, thongs, jocks, boxer briefs and trunks. Each pair of Obviously For Men underpants has four way stretch to create a great fit including the pouch, and all fabrics are antibacterial and antifungal.

Pouch-wise there are two choices – AnatoMAX which is the larger, roomier option, and AnatoFREE with a slightly snugger fit.


Manstore men's underwear is never shy – so go for it with pouches that range from shapely to super enhancing, some smooth, most seamed, occasionally zipped!

Once you know the name of the shape you prefer, Manstore delivers season after season. For example with beautifully contoured pouches on Tower Strings, distinctive Cheeky Briefs and their pear-shaped pouch, to Micro Pant boxer briefs with the lowest profile pouch in the range.


Modus Vivendi men's underwear offers enhancement through shape and design, creating focus on a masculine pouch.

The majority of their male tanga briefs and low rise slips are lined to create a great nest – also because the Greek brand is famous for using unusual fabrics

that look and feel better with a pouch lining.


Olaf Benz men's underwear encompasses several pouch profiles.

The most low key are on their Mini Pants and Boxer Pants, while more natural supportive shaping is essential on Sports Briefs.

The mostly shapely choices are mini string, thong, jock and Rio and Brazil briefs.

The names, shapes and proportions of each pouch in the Olaf Benz line remains consistent season to season, so you know what to expect when you buy.


Gents who like a very understated front will like Sloggi for Men underwear pouches. Still guaranteeing good support and a neat silhouette, their Basics mini, midi and maxi briefs and shorts have a traditional look pouch, while Sloggi Go mini briefs, hipster boxer briefs and shorts have an all but flat front.

Their sports underwear for men – mOve and Flex – has a breathable pouch, while smart Sophistication, Simplicity and Sloggi 24/7 undies keep everything low key and comfy.


Take a closer look and you'll see this pouch underwear for men uses a unique design to encase and enhance your manhood. Sukrew's sensual briefs and male thongs ensure a natural, ultra comfortable, downward position – and always an impressive look! Pictured is the Sukrew Chelsea Yellow Cotton Brief, one of many great colours in a collection whose strings and bikini slips are updated frequently throughout the year.

Sukrew underwear for men is anatomical, sensual and super comfortable with a unique pouch design. Creating a natural downward position, these sensual men's briefs and thongs use directional design to avoid stickiness – and sticky-outie-ness!

Look for Sukrew's famous original Classic pouch and the more compact Apex pouch designs.