Impetus Underwear

Impetus underwear for men might not be a brand you know well - yet - but that means you have something special to look forward to.

These are men's thongs, briefs and boxers made in Portugal to the highest standards of design and engineering. Yes, engineering because each line in the Impetus collection is intricately planned and executed by world famous experts.

Impetus don’t just make premium quality men's underwear to be worn for work, leisure, sport and more, they create male strings, mini briefs and boxers in three lengths - maxi trunk, short and longer leg pants - with a purpose in mind. More later on quick dry Voyager, cooling Innovation and sporty AirFlow underpants…

But first, why is Impetus manufacturing in Portugal so special? Well, the Portuguese have a reputation around the world for brilliance with textiles. This company was launched in 1973, making underwear for men and women before moving into much larger textile production. Today their Looms can produce 3,700,000 seamless garments each year, plus 125,000kg of elastics!

Whether they are producing Cotton Stretch or Cotton Seamless, Tencel Lyocell or Outlast products, Impetus have a remarkable eye for detail and construction. Not just how their male underwear looks but how it washes, feels, performs and lasts. Impetus's remarkable innovative fabrics are used to create versatile collections in classic solid colours, beautiful prints and wonderful finishes, in single pairs and twin packs.

DGU's Adam Davies comments: "Impetus underwear for men has to be worn to be fully appreciated. Especially if you're a man looking for the right boxers or briefs for travel, strenuous exercise, even going from hot to cold environments comfortably during your day.

"For Impetus is the go-to brand for repeat buyers who shop with us for the brand's thongs as much as their mini briefs and boxer briefs, including the harder-to-find longer leg shorts that cover the whole thigh," he said.

"Impetus can be a brand for life for any man who wants original, durable, quality underpants from a collection he can trust to come up with the goods year after year."


Impetus Travel Premium – as the name implies this breathable range is designed for men on the move, using Tencel Lyocell made with an ecological fibre extracted from eucalyptus, which is more sustainable than bamboo.

Impetus Voyager – their second super eco line offering up to 40% shorter drying time which is handy for travellers. This fibre is created from plastic recycled from the ocean.

Impetus Innovation – offers temperature and moisture management thanks to Outlast thermocule microcapsules that stabilise body temperature.

Impetus Sport AirFlow – technical underwear for men provides support and breathability, antibacterial and anti-odour properties as well as faster dry performance.

Impetus Cotton Seamless – from the masters of one piece underwear that's body friendly and super comfortable.

Impetus Cotton Stretch – in single and 2 pack options, this is luxury men's underwear that looks and feels superb, over and over again.

Impetus men's underwear, devised, designed and made in Europe by a company with the experience and expertise to make a pair of underpants so much more…


The Impetus Sport range includes this maxi boxer brief in bright blue or black (£18.50), or there's a longer boxer (£21.00). The second AirFlow men's underwear line in black or scarlet offers a brief (£15.00), boxer (£19.50) or cycle length long boxer (£21.00) for full thigh cover.