When it comes to men's thong underwear, the first question is always: "Do men wear thongs?"

The answer is a firm YES from Deadgoodundies.com who have sold tens of thousands of thongs from their online store dedicated to 'changing men's underwear, one pair at a time'.

For many years male string briefs were the website's runaway best sellers, then micro and mini bikinis overtook men's g-strings for a few years. Now the two styles of underwear are battling for the top spot, according to DGU founder Adam Davies.

"When it comes to men's thong underwear trends, Deadgoodundies can prove string slips for men are always in fashion," he says.

"We launched DGU in 2007 and we were among the first to focus on the explosive popularity of men's strings and thongs. These days they are harder to find as brands have fewer in their ranges, but we make sure DGU always has plenty of choice for g-string addicts and first time users alike."

As Adam said, the first question about male string underwear is always whether men really do wear such skimpy underpants….

DGU's expert runs through the top five male thong queries:

  1. Do men really wear thong underwear?
  2. Are men's thongs comfortable?
    The answer is yes a thong brief can be so comfortable you'll forget you're wearing it - IF you buy the right size and fit.
  3. Why do men wear thongs?
    Adam's answer is… all sorts of reasons! They enjoy the feel and freedom of minimal fabric, it's the next best thing go going commando (only better because it's less sticky or revealing), and a male g-string is definitely cool, in every sense of the word. Men's sexy thongs are designed to be just that and have their own appeal, in sheer, lace, mesh and silky fabrics, perhaps an enhancing pouch or a strappy design. And many gents who take part in sport or tone their physique with, say, yoga appreciate the containment without restriction of a men's thong.
  4. What percentage of guys wear thongs?
    The answer might surprise you – more than you think! Men can be a bit reluctant to try a male string brief, but once they have a reason, they seldom look back – IF they get the all-essential fit right. Once converted, men's thong underwear trends go way beyond fashion, they become a basic brief, worn for weekends, sport, to look sexy or as subtle as possible. A male thong is a chameleon in the underwear world that can show off or hide, and lovers of g-strings often wear men's swim strings as well."
  5. Will men's thong underwear stay in fashion?
    Yes – because today string slips for men are just another choice, perfect for the right occasion, the right use, the right temperature. Whether men wear them as male lingerie or for purely practical reasons, usually because it's too hot for anything else (including wearing nothing), once worn, a thong is often the best, coolest, most comfortable, invisible option that no other underpants, not even a micro brief, can match.

So, men's thong underwear may provide the tiniest option from DGU, but they will continue to take an impressive share of sales.


Thong or string? In Deadgoodundies descriptions reference to a string back mean a fine g-string style, while thongs tend to have a wider back. We do try to include actual measurements.

Take a view! Remember when buying men's thong underwear that the back view is as important as the front!

Sexy thongs? Handle and wash with care to keep them looking their best – many sexier styles use ultra fine, luxury fabrics that inspire the term 'male lingerie'.

Size matters! You might be skimping on fabric, but don't underestimate the size you buy. Check each brand's sizing information if you're not sure and it often pays to go up a size for ultimate comfort.

Best of both worlds? Enjoy the trend for combination styles, such a men's boxer brief with a thong and porthole back, or a male thong jock?



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Enjoy the sensation of an anatomical pouch in a Sukrew Bubble Thong – six colour options, two with contrast waistbands. This style has the brand's narrower 2cm elastic, other Sukrew briefs and strings for men have waistbands up to 5cm deep.