Thank you Mr Deedes of the Daily Mail for one of the best, most comprehensive – and accurate – articles on men's underwear for many a month.

We were delighted to see his feature today and read of his own horror at (a) the hideous raggedy undies apparently stylish men will still wear and (b) that a third of adult males still let Mother buy their pants! would, of course, have loved to see a mention of the ease of buying male underwear boxers and briefs online, in particular from DGU, or Thomas Clinch menswear whose survey (and lovely posh loose boxer shorts) inspired Deedes' tale. But we appreciate Mr D also mentions that some chaps, him included, can feel a little intimidated by seeing underpants on a male model.

We call on DM readers and Henry Deedes' fans and followers to take his advice and revamp their underwear selection. It doesn't have to be all at once. Make a start with a pair of pristine cotton boxers or briefs and wait for the desired effect. Deedes explains how it all works!

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