Left is the HOM Classic Tanga, a definite favourite on DGU.
Centre is a Modus Vivendi Tanning Swim Tanga designed so you look hot and feel cool on the beach.
Right is Doreanse 1379 String tanga brief underwear for men, just one of many offered by the brand.

Men's tanga underwear - flattering shape and fit, perfect balance of cover and skin, superb comfort and great support. Male tanga briefs and thongs are hot stuff at DGU.

If you love male tanga underwear and swimwear then Deadgoodundies.com is the place to shop because our online store always has a huge selection of this chic, sporty, low rise men's marvel, updated regularly from world famous brands.

A tanga brief or tanga thong underwear or beachwear for men has a specific look – horizontal waistband, no fabric at the sides and a neat pouch. In a slip underpants design there's also good bum cover that looks like a male micro brief from behind, while men's string underwear tanga options offer even more room to manoeuvre. In the sun a tanga creates the best tan lines!

Tanga underpants' shape allows maximum movement without restriction, also providing comfortable and reliable containment and support. For gents who like the feel of a brief but the freedom of a thong, this is a great hybrid.

The tanga is a great underwear choice for a man who has to stay comfortable during hot weather, strenuous training routines or gentle exercise like yoga, or just wants everyday comfort. Many guys like the airy breathable feel of a tanga under a suit.

Now DGU brings together not just the men's tanga briefs that brands call tanga, but others that sit and fit like a tanga, in a new bespoke section on the website.

Most male tanga thongs on DGU, especially swimwear, feature the ultra low rise fit and a narrow waist elastic, though a handful have the more familiar deep waistband used on the majority of men's tanga briefs.


The Sloggi Basic Tanga was a phenomenon, even in the world of men's tanga briefs. Sadly, the underwear brand decided to discontinue the design and didn't replace it.

Tanga fans will have their own ideas what serves as a worthy substitute for the Sloggi Basic, but here DGU rounds up some best sellers.

If you want the same shape as the original Sloggi, go for a tanga with a shallower waistband and cotton fabric. Shop HOM, Impetus, Modus Vivendi or Olaf Benz tanga underwear for men for the best successors.


HOM Classic Tanga Brief (£18.00) in soft cotton modal fabric is a worthy best seller.

Modus Vivendi Eggs Tanga Brief (£19.50) in stretch cotton is low rise, with a narrower waistband, served up in a transparent egg like a Christmas bauble.

Olaf Benz RED 1950 Rio Tanga Brief (£25.00) is another narrow banded design, this one in silky, single layer fabric. Watch for the Rio name to find other male slips the same shape in the Olaf Benz collection.

Joe Snyder Polyester Collection Kini 12 (£23.00) is one of the tiniest tanga briefs in a super sexy low rise, minimalist shape. Fast dry fabric means this tanga can double for swimming!

Obviously PrimeMan AnatoMAX Bikini Brief (£23.00) with its anatomical pouch is cool in luxury, eco-friendly Lenzing micromodal. In classic and fashion solid colours, or stripes, each choice looks different because the waistband design varies per style.

Doreanse 1313 Elegance Silky Brief (£10.00) might come at a budget price, but there's no compromise on quality. Great if you like a deep (4cm) waistband on your tanga.


Ergowear Max XV Thong (£23.00) is just one example of the famous ergonomic men's underwear brand's beautiful enhancing male tanga thongs and briefs.

Sukrew Garrison Jockstrap (£15.99) – enhancing men's underwear in a stunning silky scarlet has one of the deepest tanga waistbands at 5cm.

Doreanse 1379 String (£10.00) is a really minimal design, again one of many tanga choices for men from the brand, designed and made in Turkey.

Joe Snyder Sheer Mesh Active Wear V Thong (£26.00) is again just one example from a brand that does tangas rather well – check out the balance between the deep waistband and pronounced pouch.


Sometimes tanga men's underwear offers a little extra – dual use as undies and swimwear, great tan lines, drawstring tangas for the beach, colourful or chain waistbands, strappy sides, glitter waistbands and men's lingerie lace…

Joe Snyder Shining String 10 Bikini (£20.00) in ultra-fast dry fabric can double as a men's swim brief. A distinctive white waistband makes this male beach tanga stand out from the crowd.

Modus Vivendi Sun Tanning Tanga Brief (£47.00) – this brand always has lots of choice for tanga fans in men's underwear, plus some tanga swim briefs.

Manstore Beach Club M962 Micro Tanga Brief (£33.00) and Manstore M859 Beach Micro Tanga (£26.00) are men's swim briefs with a drawstring in a lovely deep waistband. If you want bold colours, these are the go-to styles to buy.

Manstore M857 Micro Tanga (£44.00) has a different take on the familiar styling – with chain sides! One of several chain link designs in the Manstore collection.

Modus Vivendi Peace Tanga Brief (£25.00) is a great choice for tanga aficionados who wear this shape of underwear most days. In cotton with a colourful striped waistband, this one is a masterpiece of Greek design.

Olaf Benz RED 1804 Rio Tanga (£31.00) underwear for men opts for a fresh take on the waistband look with a split dual strap effect that add bags of sex appeal.

Modus Vivendi Spring Fest Tanga Brief (£26.50) is a gift of a tanga in silky cobalt blue fabric with a silver glitter waistband. Celebration underpants if ever we saw some (and they do something special like this every season!).

Joe Snyder Lacy Tanga Thong 03 Limited Edition (£20.00) has the horizontal tanga fit if not the traditional waist elastic. Still a rather sexy option.

Modus Vivendi Mohair Tanga Brief (£20.50) feels like real mohair but is created from a washable feelalike fabric in grey, off white, camel or deep blue.