Modus Vivendi Festive men's underwear
Party ready… A Modus Vivendi Glam Sparkle Gold Brief LTD Edition costs £16.00 – glitzy men's underwear that glistens on the outside but feels smooth against skin, with a scarlet 4cm waist elastic and matching red trim.

Christmas just burst into glamorous reality with the arrival at Deadgoodundies of Modus Vivendi's festive men's underwear collection!

A limited edition line-up of four men's briefs and one spangly men's g-string provide more sparkle than a glitterball as well as snow-soft undies in seasonal colours.

So if you want to buy men's briefs the time is now – these special designs won't last long in's online store.

With its name most definitely in Christmas lights spelling out sexy men's underwear is the smallest but shiniest design – the Modus Vivendi Sparkle Thong LTD Edition in glittering gold Lurex. This spangly men's string underwear has a 1cm thong back topped with a black star. This is the only men's enhancing underwear in the holiday line, all other pouches are shapely, supportive packages for the boys.

The same golden glitter fabric (smooth inside like the thong) makes up the body of the twinkling gift for him that is a Modus Vivendi Glam Sparkle Gold Brief LTD Edition. This 'look at me' male bikini slip has a velvety signature waistband and trim as red as Santa's cloak.


Modus Vivendi use the same classic men's mini underpants shape for the rest of their exclusive Christmas line too…

Gents who fancy the glitterball look but want cotton next to their skin won't miss out – they can enjoy a Modus Vivendi Glam Sparkle Red Brief LTD Edition, a men's underwear mini slip with a lined pouch for that extra bit of support, topped with glitzy metallic waist elastic and trimmed with the same glistening gold.

For gents who prefer to keep their baubles a little more low key, but still treat them to the best in comfort and colour for Christmas, they can buy men's bikini briefs with Retro styling.

One comes in cosy red, the second in a subtle, striped gold tone fabric, each with a fir tree green waistband and trim. The Modus Vivendi signature is written in velvet lettering and the elastic has the same ultra soft finish inside.

All these undies have limited stock so is urging Christmas shoppers to snap them up now.

Every pair of Modus Vivendi limited edition briefs and the sexy men's underwear thong come in a shiny, resealable silvery pouch ready to wrap, though the undies alone would fit rather nicely in one of those fill-your-own crackers for the Christmas table as well as under the tree…


For anyone planning to buy men's underwear as a gift, it pays to check size guides to be sure they're not too snug or saggy, especially if you buy a different brand from his usual.

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Take a closer look at Modus Vivendi's exclusive men's Christmas underwear designs on Deadgoodundies' YouTube channel: