Nobody will ever know how many men really wear thong underwear – because 99% of them will never tell!

Thongs, also known as strings or g-strings (even T-strings), have been a best-selling category at since the online specialists launched in 2007 – but they're still one of the best-kept secrets in men's underwear, says DGU founder Adam Davies.

"There are many misconceptions when it comes to thongs for men," smiles Adam, who goes on to answer some key questions DGU is asked over and over again.

Q: What is a thong? And what is the difference between a thong and a male string?

A: A thong or string is men's underwear with a pouch at the front and a fine piece of fabric that sits between the buttocks at the back. DGU's differential is that a thong tends to have a wider thong back, a string or g-string has a much finer back.

Q: G-string or T-string?

A: G is any very narrow back, while a T-string back looks like a capital T, and sometimes the vertical element of the T adjusts along the horizontal waistband.

Q: Are men’s thongs comfortable?

A: This is the most popular question (and one which makes guys wince). Of course they can be comfy – if not, why would millions of men around the world suffer wearing minimalist underwear when they could wear micro briefs or a jockstrap instead?

Q: How do I pick the right thong?

A: Choose carefully… Be sure to check the size guide for each brand and if in doubt, go up a size. Take note of the pouch design – is it an enhancing front or just shaped to provide support? Consider the look from behind and the depth of waistband, too, as many male underwear fashion collections create styles with dipped backs, or add jewellery effects like chains linking the thong back and waistband.

Q: Who sells men's thongs and can I buy string underwear in private?

A: DGU and yes! Deadgoodundies has for many years been the go-to website for men's underwear, especially thongs which are scarce on the high street and getting scarcer online as well. Until four years ago thongs were always Deadgoodundies' top sellers, then briefs made a comeback. Thongs and strings are still very much in demand and the main reason DGU doesn't sell as many now is that men's fashion underwear collections don't feature so many these days. And for total privacy… DGU always ships in completely plain parcels so nobody knows what's inside.

Q: I'm not sure I could wear thong underwear so what's the alternative?

A: Some high cut male briefs and micro slips have almost as little fabric as string underwear for men – check out the back view on DGU's product pictures and see which cut will most flatter your body shape and backside. A lot of men who want minimal underwear but also good cover and security opt for a tanga. These have a pouch front, bum cover at the back, but no fabric round the sides, and often a sporty flat waistband that sits in a flattering horizontal position.

Q: Who really wears thongs for men?

A: You'd be surprised – and we're not giving away too much. But men who live and work in the hottest climates, get hot while exercising or want to stay cool on holiday will wear thongs. Many of the male strings stocked on DGU are so fine they are the next best thing to wearing nothing, without the risks associated with going commando. A man's choice of thong or string is totally personal when it comes to fit, shape, colour, fabric and look. Men who love thongs won't give them up for anything.

Q: Any special advice for thong wearers?

A: Buy yourself one of those net washbags and keep thongs separate in the wash, or wash them by hand. Some of the male lingerie lace thongs have to be washed very carefully, so check the care instructions. Definitely wear once, wash once because of the intimate fit!

Check out the full selection of hundreds of men's thong and string underwear on – look up thongs and string bodies.

A great example of a T-string design
A great example of a T-string design from Turkish brand Doreanse.
Doreanse 1330 Micro Modal ECO Thong £7.00
ultra soft modal fabric for maximum enhancement
The ultra soft modal fabric used in Ergowear's newest collection allows for maximum enhancement up front and minimal cover behind…
Ergowear X3D Modal Thong £16.00
mens thong with adjustable string at the back
Some men's thong underwear has an adjustable string at the back, like this one. The Joe Snyder brand is famous for sexy thongs for men.
Joe Snyder Polyester Collection
Hilo G-String 02 £18.00
Thong, string or g-string
Thong, string or g-string… never mind the terminology, just spot something that suits your personal profile and preference.
Manstore M852 Tower String £27.00