Let's be up front, men like sexy underwear - for themselves.

Call it sexy, sensual, naughty or just nice, a man's underwear can feel and look wickedly attractive. And the trend for male lingerie goes way beyond lace.
Deadgoodundies.com stocks several brands offering undies that fall firmly, and flirtatiously, into the sexy category. Many DGU customers appreciate being able to shop and ship in total privacy online because the website only sends plain parcels.

"Sexy, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Also in this case the wearer," smiles Deadgoodundies' founder Adam Davies. "Some of our male thongs and strings, briefs and even boxers are overtly sexy, while others need to be worn to appreciate their bedroom potential."

Tiny underwear for men has always been a huge hit with shoppers visiting DGU, which ships to over 80 countries around the world.


"Men's sexy lace underwear isn't the only option, there's pure and manmade silk undies, sexy bikini briefs to sexy bodies, because sometimes less is more, and sometimes more is sexier!" Adam adds.

Fabrics like lace, mesh, leather and rubber effects, sheer and transparent materials are the obvious choices, often with carefully positioned cut-outs exposing skin (and more). Styles with rivets, zips or quick release stripper clips are openly erotic, but one man's metallic is another guy's sequin. Often, very special effects are created with extra straps, a mixture of see-through and opaque panels, or sensual exposure of the bum or genitals.

"Reveal or disguise, enhance or lay bare, the choice is down to the individual, and perhaps their intended audience?" says Adam, adding. "Sometimes men's underwear is sexy without being totally daring – for example a tight white t-shirt on the right body can be just as drop dead gorgeous as a faux leather tank top."


He reminds us of Deadgoodundies' slogan: You provide the goods. We provide the packaging. "There is strong and increasing demand for a different type of gents' underwear – you could call it male lingerie, but it goes much further than that. The wildest designs are definitely for dressing up, but there are core products that just allow men to enjoy the frisson of excitement they get wearing sexier briefs than their usual day-to-day underpants. Their delight is totally private, unless they choose to reveal…"

DGU, as always, urges any man treating himself to the best sexy underwear for men from the UK website to check the size guide and detailed description before ordering. Some fine and sensual fabrics require a special close fit.

And the golden rule for preserving pristine sexy men's underwear from Dead Good Undies? Handle and wash with care!

Modus Vivendi's Silk Tanga Brief (£43.00) in black, white or this sleek silver grey (47% silk, 47% viscose, 6% elastane) proves that men's silk underwear doesn't have to mean classic boxer shorts, or pure silk, to provide the desired effect.

A tempting triumvirate of sexy styling for male underwear, the Manstore M104 Popper String (£36.00) comes in black leather look fabric that's peachy soft with has a sultry thong back AND poppers either side of the enhancing pouch, ready for the big reveal.

Lace has been the preserve of women's collections forever, but men are catching on to the divine feel and effect – try Joe Snyder's Bulge 03 Boxer Brief, a Limited Edition masterpiece in male lingerie (£28.00) in black or white.