One of the biggest questions in male fashion has one of those answers that includes the word 'depends'…

The key to finding the best comfortable and supportive underwear is to wear the right size, so says partner Jane Garner.

"There are two areas crucial to comfort – the waistband and pouch. If either of those is too tight, the wearer is never going to enjoy wearing those particular underpants."

t the question of comfort goes much further for Jane: "Men might want the feel of classic cotton boxers or prefer a fine fabric – but still want the right support. Many men have discovered the huge difference in fit and support provided by ergonomic or sporty male underwear from the likes of Ergowear, Obviously for Men, Sloggi and Comfyballs. Others will hunt down seamless underwear or underpants with no internal labels to maximise their comfort level.

"DGU does not give medical advice, but several customers have been pointed our way by doctors to try the ultra-supportive pouch designs from Ergowear as a form of hernia support underwear.”

How to choose men’s underwear

The basic rules for choosing men’s support underwear include opting for a lined pouch, styles with an elastic hoop or additional trim around the pouch, or a clever internal pouch structure created especially to keep genitals encased and supported without restriction or overheating.

As Jane adds: "Classic and fashion lines can work well as men's support underwear – here we are talking underpants because there is no all in one support underwear on DGU. The most comfortable boxer briefs are a very personal choice – some men prefer the feel of a nest of substantial fabric for the gusset and pouch, others enjoy the more natural positioning of lift-and-separate designs, and others will want the versatility of undies created to allow a chap to dress up, down or to the side in the same pouch.

"Men who are well endowed often complain they can't find undershorts and briefs that provide sufficient capacity and cover, but DGU has the answer, not least in Obviously for Men's AnatoMAX designs which cater well for big boys."

Jane advises any man looking for supportive underwear to consider these factors first: (a) how much support do you need (b) does that require a specialised pouch or will a standard lined pouch work for you (c) what fabric do you prefer to wear and (d) which style of underwear will keep you feeling most comfortable?

"Right size, right shape, right support equals comfort," she concludes.