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  • Wednesday, 10 July 2019 13:26:27

    Thongs for men. Male string underwear. T-strings, g-strings, cheese wire… whatever you call them, they're for male strippers and swingers, right?

    No single design in men's underwear (if you discount the 'Borat' one piece that surrounds neck and scrotum in a single strip of fine fabric…) attracts so much derision.

    But when summer comes, some men change their minds. All it takes is one thong and willingness to give it a try…

    Deadgoodundies.com has sold hundreds of thousands of thongs since the men's underwear specialists launched their original UK website in 2004.

    "I think even men who wear and love thongs, who appreciate that they can be comfortable and stylish and serve a purpose, might deny wearing string underwear," smiles DGU's pants maestro Adam Davies.

    "Gents may wince at the idea of tiny thong undies but they're also sneakily fascinated. I was doing an interview with a BBC radio station the other day about high street versus online retail, and we rapidly side-tracked into questions about men's thongs and strings."

    From the finest t-string thong to wider-backed men's thongs, transparent to solid, lace to leather look, pure cotton to manmade silk, gents' string underpants are hugely popular, especially at Deadgoodundies.


    And as Adam told the man at the Beeb: "We sell male strings all over the world, everywhere from the hottest countries to the arctic. We know they're worn regularly by men in many walks of life, from sharp-suited businessmen to men in uniform, climbers to clergymen. Yes, we had one regular customer who told me he always wore a thong in summer under his robes because they were uncomfortably hot!"

    Adam stresses that while many guys regard thong underwear as 'unfortunate', with the wrong connotations, strings are simply the smallest option before you go commando.

    "They're about containment. A thong is designed to contain genitals with minimum fabric and just enough support. They allow maximum exposure of the body as well as room for movement and air circulation," he says.

    "String undies for men must fit perfectly and, when they do, feel like wearing nearly nothing. But that wisp of fabric stops any untoward dangling and helps avoid chafing by creating a fine layer and space between testicles and thighs."

    Some sportsmen wear a thong under their exercise shorts to keep as cool as possible, dancers and stage artists live in them, but so might the chap at the water fountain right now…

    "You wouldn't know," grins Adam… "Because if he's bought well and his thong works the right way, you won't be able to tell unless HE tells!"


    Adam explains his answers to the top five most frequently asked questions about buying men's strings and thongs from DGU online:

    Q: Who wears male thongs?
    A: You, or any man who wants minimum fabric and maximum skin.

    Q: How do I know which men's string underwear to choose?
    A: Find a style, material and colour you like on Deadgoodundies but always check the size guide before ordering because different brands fit differently and sometimes come up small, so you may need to order up a size. If in doubt email Adam, he knows all about all DGU thongs!

    Q: What percentage of men wear thongs?
    A: A good double figure percentage of Deadgoodundies customers wear them regularly for sure, but probably only 1%-2% of all men have worn a thong at some time in their life. This is the elusive question because nobody has accurate figures - men, asked outright, won't admit they wear strings and DGU will never reveal who does. Our packages are totally anonymous.

    Q: Are men’s thongs comfortable?
    A: Of course - IF you buy the right shape, right size, right fabric.

    Q: Which are more popular now – male thongs or briefs?
    A: Men's briefs these days, which overtook thongs in popularity overall but there is still strong and consistent demand for new strings for men every season. A chap who wears a thong one day might wear briefs the rest of the week and he'll love them both for different reasons…



    MANSTORE: String underwear isn't restricted to 'bottoms' – thong fans love Manstore's M864 Stripper Body (£58.00) in deepest Night blue. This has a wicked thong back and six quick release clips down the sides.

    HOM: Sometimes the originals are the best – worldwide favourite for decades, HOM's stretch cotton Freddy String is breathable and beautiful. At just £15.00 it comes in classic colours and seasonal shades – including new Bordeaux (pictured) and olive green for autumn 2019.

    BRUNO BANANI: Most famous for exclusive, quirky prints and its Anti Stress collection, Bruno Banani also create sophisticated thong underwear for men, including the new Digital String (£21.00) in turquoise or olive green.

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  • Friday, 14 June 2019 11:51:11

    In the first DGU Spotlight on a famous men's underwear brand, Deadgoodundies takes a closer look at Manstore. Fashion meets fetish in a collection that's never shy about being wicked. Sexy men's underwear comes in all shapes and sizes, finishes and feels, but German brand Manstore goes a step further…

    Manstore is the cheeky brother to Olaf Benz male underwear and swimwear. Both have been stocked at Deadgoodundies.com for many years and DGU is the go-to website for these sensual gents' undies.



    Temptingly transparent: our shapely Manstore M904 Tower String in bright summer pink, blue or green, £25.00. Manstore have a series of favourite string and thong shapes across several ranges so customers can choose by style name, whatever the fabric, knowing the pouch contours will be the same.

    Dare to bare: the Manstore M101 X-Cut Jock in black or white (£25.00) uses an unusual design with a translucent pouch and horizontal straps across the waist and thighs at the back.

    Shine on: Manstore's M813 Rio Micro Brief (£26.00) has a glistening rainbow coloured foil finish.

    Most famous for their strings and thongs, especially the superbly naughty, enhancing Tower String and Stripper String designs, Manstore offers briefs (retro, low rise and more), plus revealing high cut Cheeky Briefs, tanga briefs and very strappy jockstraps. There are hipster Bungee Pants and - the most 'sensible' underpants in the collection - boxer briefs called Micro Pants with a low profile pouch.

    Lace, leather and rubber look, shiny, silky and wonderfully transparent fabrics come with zips, quick release clips and chains where straps might have been.
    This collection also offers drop dead gorgeous male leggings and bodies for men, always adding to the daring appeal of Manstore. All in a palette of sultry black, white and some bright colours, plus a handful of superb multicolour prints.

    (And don't miss the Manstore M101 Kinky Scarf – a total misnomer for one piece men's underwear that brings a whole new sexiness to the Borat look!)




    Wild meggings: the brand's Manstore M855 Bungee Leggings (£62.00) come in transparent leopard print fabric with an enhancing pouch.

    Under control: for men who like their meggings to stay in place, Manstore created M101 Leggings (£38.00) with straps under the foot. Like dance tights, only so much sexier…

    Lascivious lace: lingerie for men never was so daring – a Manstore M853 Pullover Body (£61.00) is a showstopper. Matching Bungee Legging (£49.00) also available in the same hot pink.

    Quick release: for the big reveal nothing beats a glittering Manstore M107 Stripper String (£35.00) with two easily opened clips.

    Adjustable pouch: a Manstore M861 Micro Pouch String (£30.00) has a shimmering finish on turquoise, silver or black. The back is a fixed T-string and the front is fully adjustable for a truly personal fit and presentation.

    Low profile: for men who want Manstore quality but not quite so much daring… The luxuriously silky Manstore M800 Micro Pant (£34.00) comes in plain black, white or scarlet and two prints – zebra or multicolour graphic Zig Zag.

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  • Monday, 10 June 2019 10:41:11

    Whoever thought of calling men's underwear tighty whities? Those two words provoke more extreme responses than Marmite – in that people just love or hate it. With whitey tighties (just as scary in reverse) there's mostly nervous laughter or flat-out denial.

    White briefs, me? NO SIR!

    It takes a brave man to admit he loves tighty whitey underpants, never mind be seen in public in them. But when a handsome male model or Hollywood hunk like Jude Law emerge on screen wearing only tiny male micro briefs, they are met with admiration and envy.

    Tighty whities is a term coined in America referring to early Y-Front briefs launched as an alternative to loose boxer shorts. Like references to 'budgie smugglers' (which is in fact an Australian brand of great men's swimwear famous for colourful beach bikinis), men tend to find the whole idea of minuscule underthings quite horrifying... publicly at least!

    Men love briefs

    But Deadgoodundies knows their secret – men might laugh, cringe or dismiss the idea of wearing tighty whities themselves, but they DO, they buy thousands of pairs every year!

    DGU partner Jane Garner comments on the phenomenon: "Men have a great sense of humour, most of the time, about underpants. But somehow the term tighty whities has got under their skin and they're VERY shy about admitting to wearing a pair… UNTIL some buff blokes wears a pair, carries it off, and gets a great reaction!"

    DGU sells the 21st century version of Jockey's original cotton Y-Front briefs, believed to have inspired the tighty whitie, whitey tightie, tidy widy nickname. They have always been hugely popular, and white briefs, be they the tiniest micro or deeper mini or midi gents' brief underwear, are consistent top sellers.

    "Tighty whities are just snug white underpants," says Jane. "The term swiftly followed the launch of the very first men's briefs, Jockeys, in 1935. They were the first alternative to male undershorts and constantly sold out, because this new shape that fitted close around the body and thigh appealed to men so much. Fifty years later and guys fell in love with boxer briefs, a male hybrid between a short and brief, made possible by stretch fabrics with Lycra."

    Yet still today if you call a pure white bikini brief for men a tighty whitey, there will be cries of 'uncool!', but mention 'Jockeys' or 'Y-Fronts' instead and men are less shy.

    Jane adds: "My theory is that boys and men tease each other about their underwear, especially at school or college, and the associations with tighty whities being a bad thing come from that. Sadly there isn't a good collective noun for men's underwear, as women have lingerie, and nicknames for undies range from skiddies to undercrackers.

    "With tighty whities, the level of denial is second only to admitting to wearing a men's thong, but that's another story…"

    Choosing the right pair

    So how does a man wear tighty whities successfully then? Men's cotton briefs must be white, not grubby grey or yellowed. They must fit well enough to smuggle the budgie without ruffling its feathers. They must incorporate something the earliest men's underwear briefs did not have – enough elastane to maintain their shape and support, without relaxing into that other underpants no-no the Dad Sad Sack.

    Tight white underpants might come in a different shape, TWs don’t have to be gents' micros like Jude Law's pants (though the ones that hit the headlines were in fact men's white swim briefs). Deeper sides can be sexy too, for example modern midi undies and low rise hipster shorts for men.

    And here are two things you never knew about tighty whities – it's the name of a rather nice coffee shop in Ipswich in Queensland, Australia, and these marvels of men's underwear are used by scientists to test soil health. Take one pair of tighty whities, bury, wait… dig. Rotting rate indicates how good the soil's doing.

    So tighty whities aren't so dumb after all?

    JOCKEY – makers of the original tighty whities still make Y-Fronts like their midi cut, breathable Jockey Spurt 100% Cotton Y-Front Brief, just £9.00 in white or colours. Always a best seller and showing no signs of flagging in popularity. Like the sound of that? Why not read our post on cotton and breathable underwear?

    SLOGGI – for men who wear suits and don't like getting uncomfortably untucked! Sloggi Shirt Stop Hipster briefs in 90% cotton and 10% elastane cost £12.00 a pair. Clever underpants with silicon inside the waistband to keep everything in place.

    DOREANSE – this brand offers an enormous selection of tighty whities male underwear, from tiny micros to maxi boxer briefs. The Doreanse 1760 Hipster in a modern fabric mix (45% cotton 45% modal 10% elastane) is snug, minimalist and gorgeous to wear. Cost £12.00, also offered in black, bright red or turquoise.

    ERGOWEAR – this is one men's underwear brief that's tight everywhere and still fabulously comfortable. The low rise Ergowear X3D Mini Boxer with the 3D pouch is ergonomic enhancing underwear for men from Chile.

    BRUNO BANANI – famous for their men's underwear prints on everything from male slips via bikinis to boxer briefs, Bruno Banani's fame is also built on staples like the Anti-Stress Tanga (£17.00). Always available in subtly ribbed white, black or navy, and this summer in seasonal kiwi green too.

    HOM – another brand that knows how to make tighty whities that men really love. Their HOM Classic Mini Brief (£22.00) uses a timeless shape and a superbly comfy fabric mix with 65% cotton, 22% modal and 13% elastane. Offered in white, black, navy or marl grey, and DGU have a handful in bordeaux left.

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  • Wednesday, 29 May 2019 17:11:11

    In Part I of Deadgoodundies' analysis of breathable men's underwear design we look at the king of yarns, cotton, and the new pretender, modal. Part II will take the theme a step further into alternatives for men who like their boxers and briefs to breathe every moment they're worn.


    Gents looking for breathable underwear for men might leap straight to the conclusion that only 100% cotton will do. But Deadgoodundies.com can offer alternatives as well as cotton underpants for absolute purists.

    DGU prides itself on stocking some of the world's best cotton men's underwear, but also hundreds more breathable options in cotton mix and other fabrics.

    Some level of breathability is essential in any pair of undies a man might choose. The male anatomy can get uncomfortably sweaty, sticky and even chafed in the wrong underpants or shorts. From sitting for hours at a desk or the wheel of a car to strenuous activity such as working outdoors, cycling or running, a masculine body puts special demands on a man's underwear.


    Cotton is historically men's favourite underwear of choice, now rivaled by other natural yarns like modal and manmade inventions.

    Pure cotton boxer shorts are still made, but in a fraction of the numbers sold 20 or 30 years ago. Classic looser fit undershorts in 100% cotton have been overtaken by stretch cotton boxer briefs, which fit much closer but are still breathable.

    Cotton's advantages are numerous – it breathes well, feels good, helps avoid overheating, wicks sweat away from the skin, washes easily, the right quality maintains its shape and when it comes to colours, cotton dyes beautifully.

    Mixed with a few percent of another yarn, as in 95% cotton 5% elastane, all but pure cotton boxers, trunks, briefs, shorts and strings can be shaped for a closer fit that hugs but won't restrict or crush. And allows the body to breathe.

    Cotton fabrics in designer underwear collections for gents chosen by DGU can be quite substantial to ultra-fine mercerised cotton.


    Modal yarn is, believe it or not, made from trees – beech trees. They're grown in sustainable plantations and processing the yarn is said to use less water than cotton manufacturing.
    Today modal rivals cotton in men's underwear design, offering a modern solution for men who want a finer, even more luxurious feel from their underpants. Modal, especially micromodal men's underwear, does feel extremely silky and soft, and even better after each wash. Modal yarn absorbs more moisture from the skin and won't trap odours or perspiration. It drapes beautifully creating a fit with a very light touch, and colours don't fade.

    Even so, men who have always worn cotton might not like the feel of pure modal, preferring still to enjoy their favourite cotton with the advantages of modal thrown in. A mix of 45% cotton, 45% modal, 10% elastane is the answer – combining the best of both worlds.


    For men's cotton underwear to be as breathable as possible, it is crucial to consider how it will be worn. Even the very best cotton male undies might 'fail' if they are too tight, crowded by too many layers on top or worn for too long in sweaty circumstances!

    One mistake guys often make when buying male underwear, cotton or otherwise, is to opt for the same waist size as their jeans. A man who wears 34" jeans might easily be a 32 or 36 waist in cotton male briefs or boxers. It might seem a bit of a fuss but getting an accurate figure with a tape measure of your waist circumference will pay off – that and checking size guides. Some brands size their designs small, medium, large etcetera and these sizes are made 'to fit' specific waist measurements, e.g. 34-36. Others size by the inch so a 34 waist will fit differently from a size 36.

    The next consideration when looking for the best cotton underwear for men is the waistband. The alternatives are a simple elastic waistband, usually branded, attached to the jersey or woven cotton body fabric, or a 'covered' waistband with the stretchy elastic hidden inside the main material. As you would expect, a waistband that's too tight will pinch or roll, too big and it will sag or bunch up.

    Absolutely vital is a man's selection up front – pouch or no pouch, Y-front with access or a completely smooth finish? A low profile pouch or one that adds some oomph… and how much?


    Most men's cotton briefs, thongs, trunk shorts and boxer briefs have a pouch lined in the same fabric for support and comfort.

    Men's cotton underwear ranges from traditional Jockey shorts and side-access underpants to simple micro and mini slips via boxer briefs. Most have a lined pouch with access for calls of nature - more often these days 'top access', like HOM's patented HO1 horizontal opening pouch. Rarer, but always available on Deadgoodundies, are men's cotton briefs with a plain, flat frontage that guarantees the smoothest finish and definitely less bulk.

    Some specialist men's underwear collections offer ergonomic, shaping and boosting pouch options in their cotton undies. These can be especially helpful for men who want genital control for sport, extra support for daily life or perhaps after a hernia operation, and these designs can create a brilliant 'lift and separate' effect for men who suffer from the proverbial sweaty bollocks.

    Finding the best men's breathable underwear and the right cotton underpants for gents could not be simpler. Deadgoodundies has one of the biggest selections of male undergarments anywhere in the world. Far more than any high street store and even some of the biggest online retailers.

    From traditional cotton Y-fronts to contemporary cotton slips and shorts, DGU is ready with more styles, weights, colours, waistbands and pouches – store open 24/7 and delivers to your door.

    DOREANSE offer seven colours in their hugely popular Doreanse 1511 men's underwear (£11.00) 100% Cotton Loose Boxer Short with a proper button fly. This gets top marks with consistent 5-star reviews from DGU customers – many men choose them to sleep in, too, because they are so comfortable.

    JOCKEY offer an extensive selection of fashion underwear for men these days, but they've not forgotten their roots. The Jockey Classic 2100 Y-Front Brief comes in black, white, grey, navy or a chic pale blue for waist 32-44 (£7.50 a pair) and in black, white or grey for waist sizes 46-60 (£10.00 a pair). There is also a 3-pack (£18.00) of the Classic Y-Front Brief in three colour combinations, a longer leg Midway Trunk (navy or white £11.00) and a vest (single £9.00, 3-pack £20.00, white only) in this Jockey favourite.

    HOM, another brand famous for high fashion designer men's underwear, also offers luxury underpants for gents who know their cotton and want the very best. The HOM Premium Cotton Comfort Mini Brief (£22.00) uses mercerised cotton in black, white, navy or grey. This is a very lightweight option with a lined pouch from a range also including a Boxer Brief and Micro Brief.

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  • Thursday, 23 May 2019 12:43:02

    Let's be up front, men like sexy underwear - for themselves.

    Call it sexy, sensual, naughty or just nice, a man's underwear can feel and look wickedly attractive. And the trend for male lingerie goes way beyond lace.
    Deadgoodundies.com stocks several brands offering undies that fall firmly, and flirtatiously, into the sexy category. Many DGU customers appreciate being able to shop and ship in total privacy online because the website only sends plain parcels.

    "Sexy, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Also in this case the wearer," smiles Deadgoodundies' founder Adam Davies. "Some of our male thongs and strings, briefs and even boxers are overtly sexy, while others need to be worn to appreciate their bedroom potential."

    Tiny underwear for men has always been a huge hit with shoppers visiting DGU, which ships to over 80 countries around the world.


    "Men's sexy lace underwear isn't the only option, there's pure and manmade silk undies, sexy bikini briefs to sexy bodies, because sometimes less is more, and sometimes more is sexier!" Adam adds.

    Fabrics like lace, mesh, leather and rubber effects, sheer and transparent materials are the obvious choices, often with carefully positioned cut-outs exposing skin (and more). Styles with rivets, zips or quick release stripper clips are openly erotic, but one man's metallic is another guy's sequin. Often, very special effects are created with extra straps, a mixture of see-through and opaque panels, or sensual exposure of the bum or genitals.

    "Reveal or disguise, enhance or lay bare, the choice is down to the individual, and perhaps their intended audience?" says Adam, adding. "Sometimes men's underwear is sexy without being totally daring – for example a tight white t-shirt on the right body can be just as drop dead gorgeous as a faux leather tank top."


    He reminds us of Deadgoodundies' slogan: You provide the goods. We provide the packaging. "There is strong and increasing demand for a different type of gents' underwear – you could call it male lingerie, but it goes much further than that. The wildest designs are definitely for dressing up, but there are core products that just allow men to enjoy the frisson of excitement they get wearing sexier briefs than their usual day-to-day underpants. Their delight is totally private, unless they choose to reveal…"

    DGU, as always, urges any man treating himself to the best sexy underwear for men from the UK website to check the size guide and detailed description before ordering. Some fine and sensual fabrics require a special close fit.

    And the golden rule for preserving pristine sexy men's underwear from Dead Good Undies? Handle and wash with care!



    Modus Vivendi's Silk Tanga Brief (£43.00) in black, white or this sleek silver grey (47% silk, 47% viscose, 6% elastane) proves that men's silk underwear doesn't have to mean classic boxer shorts, or pure silk, to provide the desired effect.

    A tempting triumvirate of sexy styling for male underwear, the Manstore M104 Popper String (£36.00) comes in black leather look fabric that's peachy soft with has a sultry thong back AND poppers either side of the enhancing pouch, ready for the big reveal.

    Lace has been the preserve of women's collections forever, but men are catching on to the divine feel and effect – try Joe Snyder's Bulge 03 Boxer Brief, a Limited Edition masterpiece in male lingerie (£28.00) in black or white.

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