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  • Tuesday, 5 May 2020 18:03:04

    Remember Nigel? He who watched over the February floods in Shrewsbury as the waters inched way up his plinth? We have an update – and a new mystery…

    Nigel, really Hercules, an ancient statue that stands beside the River Severn in Deadgoodundies' home town, would make a great men's underwear model.

    Now local history buffs have revealed a wonderful description of our muscular sculpture, highlighting biceps and buttocks like apple dumplings!

    Hercules was moved from beside St Chad's church down by the water to, legend has it, spare the blushes of genteel ladies attending services. We think maybe one of them wrote about Nigel in these adoring terms: "… his muscles are things of a weird and wonderful fascination, more resembling subcutaneous apple dumplings than mere representations of gristle and sinew."

    DGU partners Jane and Adam revisited the statue to take a fresh look, which revealed Hercules is not as they thought wearing a pouch of figleaves with a men's thong back - more a bottomless belt.

    But their trip to see Nigel's dumplings raised another question. If you look closely, there are three balls in Hercules' right hand, surreptitiously behind his back. So far, we have no idea why but hopefully a historian will help?

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  • Tuesday, 28 April 2020 12:34:00

    WFH shorts from Obviously


    Heard of the Men's Underwear Index? It's the theory that sales in men's underwear are a good indicator of changes in the economy, said to have been created in the late 20th century by American banker Alan Greenspan when he was head of the Federal Reserve.

    In theory the MUI could apply now, but Covid-19 has added a whole new dimension when it comes to men's underwear retail, especially online sales at Deadgoodundies.com.

    Pants aren't actually down much at all at DGU, in fact several categories are gaining strength as the lockdown continues. Deadgoodundies partner Adam Davies explains: "Men's underwear sales, boxers and briefs, are supposed to echo the state of the nation's spending but the coronavirus crisis has created a very different market, temporarily for sure but possibly also long term."

    With menswear shops closed and supermarket shopping diverted to essential supplies like food, men who have traditionally purchased in store (personally or via their partner) have to go without or go online.

    "Deadgoodundies' sales of Y-Fronts and men's boxer shorts and trunks, for example, have shot up. Both are always steady sellers, especially in 2 pack and 3 packs, and their faithful fans are now buying online, many for the first time," said Adam.

    "On the other hand, we're seeing a lot of new customers coming to DGU and treating themselves to male thongs and men's sexy underwear. Quite why, we can guess, but as we're always discreet with clients' privacy, we don't ask and never tell."

    The sales picture at DGU has changed gradually since the UK lockdown started, and Adam is pleased it has mostly settled back to 'normal', with days of much higher sales.

    "One thing I have noticed, apart from lots of new customers signing up to Deadgoodundies.com and our newsletter, is the time when men are ordering online. The wee small hours, especially at the weekend, was always a spike but that has been replaced by a 9am flurry."

    "I also think a lot of men are unused to buying their own underpants – and relishing the opportunity once they get into it – while many are not used to buying on the internet. What they find is masses more choice than in stores, and on Deadgoodundies.com there are classic and fashion brands from all over the world, some they know, some totally new to them. And as men can receive totally incognito parcels from DGU, they're often being a bit more adventurous with their selection! Men's string underwear is selling like hot cakes…"

    And while Adam does not have any concern that Deadgoodundies might run out of boxers and briefs for men, or the male swimwear lines it stocks all year, there might be shortages of some favourite styles of bikini, short, jockstrap or body, and maybe some multipacks, in the coming months.

    "We have thousands of pairs of pants in our warehouse and continue to order regularly from our suppliers. So far only one brand cannot deliver at all and others are pushing back delivery dates for some summer and autumn fashion collections. But we stock our brands in a depth and breadth it's hard to find anywhere else in the world, never mind the UK, so there are always alternatives."

    Quite how the economists might analyse the new sales pattern is a question for the future and the bean counters – or should that be underpants counters?

    Meantime, Deadgoodundies continues to ship virtually as normal – with only two significant changes. The weekday deadline for same day shipping of orders is now 11am instead of 4pm, and customers are asked to be patient as deliveries are, understandably, taking longer than usual to arrive.

    PICTURED: Obviously PrimeMan AnatoMAX Boxer Brief 9 inch Leg £19 in six colours - Black, Bondi turquoise, Teal, Nautical deep blue, White, Chilli red. Obviously for Men underwear offers 9-inch and 3-inch leg boxer briefs.

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  • Friday, 3 April 2020 15:30:08


    Men's underwear is suddenly at risk of becoming very public as more and more employees are working from home. Today Deadgoodundies.com steps in to advise male home workers how to avoid embarrassment, and maybe win fans.

    The pitfalls of home working and video conferencing have already left many workers with red faces, including one woman whose husband appeared behind her during an online chat with colleagues in his undies.

    As Deadgoodundies' Jane Garner smiles: "In the usual privacy of their own home, men are very comfortable spending time in just their underwear. There's also a singularly male phenomenon… the instant response from many guys caught in just their skivvies is to dance or wiggle their way out of sight."

    Men might be tempted, working from home, to dress properly from the waist up and enjoy the freedom of abandoning pants and wearing only boxers or briefs below, even during video calls.

    "Gents, before you go anywhere near any device with a camera, please be sure you are properly dressed, or at least adjusted," Jane insists. "Then there are mirrors – the downfall of so many Instagrammers and sale adverts! Clean, presentable underwear for men was never so important."

    With this in mind, DGU has created its own guide to WORKING FROM HOME IN YOUR UNDERWEAR.


    • There's no need to be too formal but do look business-like for online meetings – think 'Will I ever live it down if they see too much of me?'

    • Do check what your colleagues will see if you stand up or move around

    • If you are comfortable working in just men's underwear be sure it's clean, fits properly and would pass the Hotel Corridor Test – if you locked yourself out of a hotel room in that pair of shorts or briefs would they make fellow guests laugh, scream or faint?


    • Don't just check out the backdrop seen by your camera – the close up matters too

    • Don't forget mirrors which might show you from a whole new angle!

    • Don't assume you're safe only dressing well waist up - that work shirt might feel long enough but the minute you lift your arms it gets shorter

    • Don't become the unexpected extra - if someone else in your household is taking part in a video call, stay BEHIND their screen, not behind them

    The huge numbers of men working from home has created a whole new trend in sales at Deadgoodundies.com.

    "Men are turning to online retail experts like Deadgoodundies for new male underwear. At one end, they're becoming rather braver in their choice of designs and colours because they know DGU ships in plain parcels.

    And new boxer briefs, undershorts or a thong is cheering them up.

    "On the other hand, men can't pick up yet another triple pack of black boxer briefs while they're shopping on a Saturday, so men are browsing the internet and finding us," says Jane.

    "There might also be another explanation. As men are so comfortable hanging about at home undressed, their partners and children might be encouraging some gents to take a fresh look at their underpants and the need for new pairs."

    NOTE ON DELIVERIES 3 April 2020: Apart from a handful of countries and specific areas, shipments from DGU are being shipped and delivered, if a little slower, as usual. Watch the Deadgoodundies.com website and newsletters for regular updates.

    PICTURE: Fans of anatomical pouch underwear for men are devoted to Ergowear's enhancing male boxer briefs like this one. The Ergowear Max Mesh Midcut short (£28.00 in five colour options) has a longer leg and a deep sporty waistband. Offering supreme comfort and support, the fabric is an airy mesh that allows moisture to evaporate. The ergonomic lift effect created by this male boxer's pouch avoids stickiness, but it might be too much for a mixed audience when you're discussing sales figures with colleagues?

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  • Tuesday, 31 March 2020 12:47:05

    No more parcels from your favourite men's underwear shop – for now…

    Our main shipper Royal Mail has announced suspension of its service to New Zealand and Taiwan, so Deadgoodundies.com should not send any more parcels for the time being. We are of course investigating alternatives.

    We will advise as soon as the Royal Mail suspension is lifted - if any DGU customers have RM parcels already en route, we are advised that items will be held and delivered when possible, but with significant delay.

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  • Tuesday, 17 March 2020 11:15:20

    The news is changing day to day and country to country but Deadgoodundies is still working and shipping parcels as normal.

    We ask customers outside the UK to check the situation with local deliveries before ordering. Border closures applied so far are for people - not goods - so parcels are still being transported around the world, though in some areas delivery might be slower than usual.

    In several countries there are different procedures or restrictions on acquiring a signature on delivery, for example in Spain, Australia, Netherlands and Austria. In parts of Italy deliveries have been suspended completely.

    Deadgoodundies takes the health and safety of its staff and customers seriously and we are following official guidelines. If you are concerned about parcels conveying the coronavirus please see the latest public health and Royal Mail advice here: https://www.royalmail.com/coronavirus.

    Stay safe everyone!

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