Actor Jude Law caused quite a stir when he was shot wearing tighty whities on a beach while filming Sky Atlantic's New Pope.
Should men his age (46) be seen in such skimpy male briefs, the world asked. Should ANY man wear something so small, so white - so sexy?
The Sun newspaper in the UK had a great take on the uproar, asking ordinary blokes to strip down to white micro underpants to show how they look on real men…

The internet is still awash with reaction to the revelation that some men, yes, do choose to wear mini briefs under their clothes, or dare we say it, male bikini briefs on the beach! Seems some chaps want them banned altogether..., specialists in men's underwear and swimwear since 2007, has, of course, a veritable trunk full of teeny tiny men's underwear and swimwear, in white and dozens of other colours, should the mood take you. Watch for white swimwear with a lining to help maintain whiteness when wet (though total opacity is not always guaranteed!) and pure white micro underpants are always popular at DGU, so there are plenty of options.

Modus Vivendi Super Low Cut Swim Brief
Modus Vivendi Meander Swim Brief
Modus Vivendi Basic Swim Brief
Doreanse 1281 Micro Brief

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