Obviously PrimeMan AnatoMAX Trunk

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  • A single layer of feather light fabric kisses skin everywhere it touches
  • Wide leg openings are ideal for muscular thighs and aid natural movement
  • Just one layer of streamlined fabric – no inner labels for extra comfort
  • Sumptuously soft boxers with a silky smooth waistband
Tried ergonomic men’s underwear yet? Treat your cockles to true comfort with the new and improved Obviously shorts for men. The downward positioned pouch allows the boys to feel free AND supported at the same time – magic!


90% Lenzing micromodal 10% Lycra


100% of 100
"Why at 78 yrs would I be interested in showing off my kit? The answer is that I’m not; but that I have “prostate cancer”. Luckily I had a earlyish diagnosis and intervention with a radical prostatectomy. This has left me with a slight dribble for which I need to wear an incontinence pad. It’s only a dribble but suddenly standing up or sneezing can cause an accident. Just imagine having to wear a pad, which of course is waterproof on one side, and then your underpants, and the recommendation is that you wear tight fitting briefs, and then your trousers! On a summer’s day it can be unbearable! The tight fitting briefs still managed to move around, taking the pad with it , and away from the artillery, with disastrous consequences. Then I discovered “Obviously” underwear. The fabric is very stretchy which means that the pants stretch rather than move around, the pouch is the biggest one within decency that I could find. This means that it can accommodate my man-bits AND a pad (I've since found a smaller washable version which suits my needs better). The result is cooler bits, and a reduction in smell; this has to be stated, as the effects of a pad containing urine pressed up against your pubic area for a whole day cannot be ignored. Another advantage of these underpants is that because they are “low rise”, that means you can use a public urinal without having to dismantle your trousers to get to the top of your pants. All in all - a result!"
- JW, May 2023
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