Modus Vivendi Anti-Bacterial G-String

Product code: 72069
100% of 100

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  • Important: Please note that the string waistband and understrap on the white colour is slightly thicker than illustrated.
  • Two-strap thong is adjustable
  • Unlined pouch can be narrowed at the top
  • Centre front brand ribbon
  • 3 millimetre round waistband
You get more than you see! This men's underwear thong brief, one of the smallest ever from the Greek brand, can have a personalised fit thanks to a variable width front and sliding T-back elastics. The fabric has been treated to help avoid odours and bug growth.


95% cotton, 5% elastane


100% of 100
"A great thong. Pouch just enough to cover so super sexy"
- Mark, July 2022
"I am changing to Modus Vivendi for all my underwear as I have with swimwear.The string underwear is a perfect fit and beats by a mile any other make and I will only buy from DGU as their service is top notch."
- George , September 2021
"I agree with Dave,this is a great item to wear! I now have all three colours,and as I don’t wear normal nightwear I like wearing them in bed!"
- David M, May 2021
"Very reminiscent of the posing straps from the 1950's/1960s. - good to see the design being revived. I bought one of each colour to try. With minimal coverage and super thin elastic - you hardly know you're wearing them! Obviously great quality and comfort - no doubt I will be buying more!"
- Dave, April 2021
"I know this is underwear but I am 100% going to be swimming and tanning in these this summer. I received one black and one nude pair on Friday and they are fantastic , the front pouch is fully adjustable to maximise tanning and the string is a thin as it gets! They feel secure enough swimming in, perfect for use at a non nude beach"
- Harry, March 2021
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