Joe Snyder Shining Kini 12 Ltd Edition

Product code: 74166
100% of 100

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  • 1cm tanga style waistband
  • Enhancing pouch unlined
  • Low rise fit front and back
  • Neat JS initial branding
This super micro men's underwear brief has a bulge boosting front and narrower cut round the back. A strappy male slip in exclusive colourful prints.


80% Polyester, 20% Spandex


100% of 100
"I’ve been choosing brief cut underwear since leaving home at 17 and being freed from the tyranny of the family wash. Just hard-wired that way. Walking around with the JS12 on beneath your jeans will really put a smile on your face. Front looks like a standard g-string but as the other guys have noted it’s the back that is so interesting. I read once that the utopian nudists of the 1930s condemned swimwear as the work of the devil, because it promoted titillation through part concealment. These embody that principle, though thankfully people are a little less judgmental these days. They’ve got just enough back panel to credibly say I’m part of the mainstream covering up, but at the same time give a brazen display of arse that says come and get it, boys and girls. As the totally inspired JS12 comics edition says (on close examination), LET’S GO! POW! BOING! and F**K! "
- Stu, January 2024
"I have a lot of the brilliant kini 12 range and bought the Pastel one from this limited edition which is really nice. As with all the Kini 12's the cut is where the genius of the Snyder team shows. Despite the minimalist coverage they are super-comfy. The back shows a lot of cheek yet does not become a 'wedgie' (unless you want to create one). The pouch hides the essentials but no more. Brilliant for all day sexy underwear or to flaunt on the beach or by the pool!"
- Charles, February 2023
"Wow just got these in the lips colour wasn't sure at first one size fits all but I was wrong they are perfect normally a js bulge and sock wearer these feel really nice on with the minimal rear definitely getting more "
- Tony, July 2022
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