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96% of 100

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  • True g-string back measures a fine 0.5cm
  • String has low rise fit so if in doubt go up a size
  • Cotton fabric is light and used in one layer
HOM aficionados all over the world love a Fredy. Still the brand's best selling String, it's an unmistakable classic in a men's underwear collection that’s second to none in terms of fashion.


93% cotton 7% elastane


96% of 100
"I must say, after picking a pair of these up in Black, they are now a new daily staple! I have a few pairs of Gregg Homme thongs which I love and they are great - but for everyday wear the Freddy’s are amazing. Typical quality for HOM. I’m accustomed to the plume briefs and Micro briefs they make, however, these are a level above if you like less coverage. Perfect buy."
- DanH, April 2022
"i have been wearing freddys for 30 years . Freddys and Plumes . my only underwear. "
- herberto, October 2018
"I would describe Hom's Fredy as a delight to wear. I just love the strong but very fine string. Been wearing these since Hom brought them out, . Brilliant for sportswear. I buy these size recommended as i like a tight fit."
- Mark, December 2016
"These can be uncomfortable, but my tip is not to pull them up too high, wear them on the hips, just let them sit. These are now one of my favourites, they basically feel like you are wearing nothing. They keep everything packet at the front, very minimal string back."
- gazb, November 2016
"Have tried these twice but have to say they just aren't comfortable...there are plenty of other thongs on the market for men to try so I would give these a wide berth. I really wanted to like them (hence the second purchase) but the sizing is just all wrong and the elastic hurts the undercarriage in all the wrong ways... unless you like this for some sort of punishment then avoid."
- Rob, June 2015
"35 years ago the Fredy was my first thong ever. I bought it in my normal size, so it turned out to be a bit tight. Now I saw it again and decided to buy one again, just a size larger (L). And the result? Amazing! perfect fit, nice fabric, very good look. I love this one ( even more as I did my first one)!"
- dikdekok, May 2015
"Just recieved my thong. Love it! Went up a size and find it the best feeling underwear ever! Who says thongs are for gay men when they are this comfy. Will be buying more "
- Alex, October 2013
- Peter, October 2013
"My favourite thong for sure. Love how they stare at me changing in the locker room and they feel great for working in out under sweatpants in the gym. "
- Michael, October 2013
"The fredy string is a very nice piece of underwear, however if you have a 36" waist or larger these probably won't work for you. The cotton fabric is nice and the thin-as-it-gets string is superb. The thicker waist band is nice, too. If Hom cut these a little more generously I would have many more of these."
- Mr HOM, October 2013
"Bought 6 HOM Fredy's 2 years ago, 2 red, 2 white, 2 black, not worn them for over a year, forgot how good they are on. Pulled them out last week, really snug fit even a size up, good male profile, more than obvious if your cut!. The back string is a work of art, some stretch, looks severe but fits like a glove. You definitely have to peel these babies off after a hard day's work. It gives me a buzz wearing these under my suit & the thought of that string under stretch!. Hom keep the in manufacture, these won't last for ever . "
- Ian, October 2013
"Amazing g-string. Much like Premio brand from the 90s. (Although Premio had some awesome color and pattern combinations). For all American wearers, you will absolutely need to go up a size. And be prepared for it to be uncomfortable at first. But believe me, it's worth sticking it out. You'll love them enough they become your favourites. "
- Shmo, October 2013
"Been a thong guy for 25 years now and these freddy's are the best. Need to go a size or two up though. They feel great under the suit at work especially in the hot weather at the moment, and of course no lines on show, and only you know the secret. They last for year, I have still have my RED and NAVY ones which are my favourite colours - lets have them back in production HOM."
- Essex Boy, October 2013
"This is my 1st thong and it was the best decision ever in terms of clothing, i used to wear boxer shorts then went onto briefs and now thongs in my opinion thongs are the most comfiest underwear and the fredy string is ideal for anyone wanting to try a thong(order 1 size up though)"
- Jake, October 2013
"Bought my first thong on DGU and have to admit that it was the best underwear related decission i ever made. Ordered two of these, one in white and one in black. Love them both and hate having to take them off. Look sexy & fell great everytime. :) "
- Matthew, October 2013
"I've been wearing G-strings all my life and into my 50's and worn fredys and other HOM strings over 25 years 10/10 in every regard 12/10 for approval from the opposite sex. You'll never wear briefs again once you have worn these never will you wear another another brand again I always have 2 new pair on hand and I wash them in the shower daily. you only need 3 pair to travel for a month. If the had a CD pouch it would be great. "
- G String Lad, October 2013
"I wear a lot of thongs and g-string, and i'm a huge underwear fanatic. Quite simply, these are the hottest looking thong i've ever had the pleasure to wear and appreciate in the mirror! The pics of this on the net do not do them justice at all! take a plunge and see what the girl says! she'll love them coz they make you look hot!"
- UndiesMan, October 2013
"I buy all my thongs at deadgoodundies. they're class i nearly have them all..... the hom string is so comfortable and i love the string rubbing against my bum .. my wife loves thongs on me and i wouldn't wear any thing else .. i wear all deadgoodundies beach thongs as well on the beach"
- Bravo, October 2013
"I have had a few pairs of these over the years and although they take a bit of squeezing in to, they feel good when they're on. Hom make the best thongs and I can recommend the Fredy but they're not as comfortable (or sexy according to my wife) as the plume g-string. They're still better than all the non-Hom thongs though."
- Tom, October 2013
"Great string, I have all the colour options. As stated, buy a size up on your usual sizing. These are good to wear anytime office or out & about plus they make you feel great!."
- Ian, October 2013
"Order a size up for this string (XL, largest size) Great style! Although size up unfortunately at first little string back it was tightened, but wearing it becomes bearable, it's extended.I ask myself why to make a string back too much tightened? "
- Ethan, October 2013
"This is the best thong a guy can get his hands on!! the best fit ever! No need to go up a size...wear them tight!! I always wear mine when Im out on the pull, just love the look on a guys face as he is getting my jeans down!!"
- Adam, October 2013
"Fits great, with a minimal string in back. Order a size up, as the pouch can be too tight otherwise"
- Michael, October 2013
"Ordered a size up, fits like a glove. Love it. Best string underwear I have worn. I am now a converted HOM wearer. So light and comfortable that I at times I forget I am wearing it."
- Ordered a size up, fits like a glove, October 2013
"By far the best underwear I have ever owned. The cut is perfect, and the construction is solid. I still have my originals from two years ago and they still look good. Remember to order up AT LEAST one size. I have a 34" waist, and even the 36" is quite snug."
- Brian, October 2013
"Once you've worn a freddy string you'll never go back to boxers or briefs. talk about confort, and that look totally great awell!"
- Sam, October 2013
"I find correct size equals great fit even for all day wear. String just positions pouch in perfect position for firm support."
- Alan, October 2013
"A nice fitting and I like the small string wish they would apply the string to the plume it would be so nice "
- Liam, October 2013
"This thong is great i have one in every color my wife loves them"
- Adam, October 2013
"the best throng i buy from HOM. It really is the best throng.."
- Mark, October 2013
"I find Fredy String is the best. Nice fabric and its snugness which provide very macho sexy look of a man and yet support his manhood well. The tightness and snugness feel great. Love all colors and got them. My wife love me in them and I wear them everyday. Ordering 1 or 2 size up is not necessary if you like the tightness. I am a big boy too and find the size is perfectly right, the bulge is just more visable that's all if you like.. Keep it up.. Adam with this stocking of Fredy, and hope we get more other colors soon"
- Brad, October 2013
"Fredy is still the best string around, fantastic cut and fit with absolutely minimum string rear. One size up will be comfy for all day wear but correct size looks hot."
- Tony, October 2013
"Just received a few pairs, yep they are hot hot hot! Being quite a big boy they are very tight but l like that feeling. The girl friend screams with excitement when l try and squeeze into them."
- Andy, October 2013
"I've got different strings but Fredy is still my favourite .Perfect fit and comfortable to wear all day long.Buy one size up to your usual size otherwise it is too tight."
- Flavio, October 2013
"This is one of my favorite thongs. Especially since I started wearing premio strings years ago, which they don't make now. Defintely go one to 2 sizes larger. very sexy to just have a tiny string over your hole back there."
- undercollector, October 2013
"Just received another pair of HOM Freddy thongs. I have all the colours now. I love wearing them for everyday use. Thay are a nice cut and the thong back is very good. I have bought thongs and g-strings from other companys but I allways come back to Hom. Keep up the good work. "
- Paul, October 2013
"I've been buying and wearing HOM Freddy thongs for years and have always loved the look and feel. The material is ready soft and clingy and feels sexy. Love the feel of the string to the back. I'm ordering some in white next time. Bought a gold pair for the first time and they look and feel great. Hopefully more stocks of the gold are on there way."
- Brian, October 2013
"hey guys. i bought them and they fit fine. i ordered my usual size. they fit perfect. the gold ones are the best. i wish they can bring some pink. my wife loves them."
- zombie man, October 2013
"String looks severe but with the right size is perfectly comfortable and with the best possible supporting pouch. My wife only wants to see me in white! What happened to the swim versions UDERY (T back) and UDAIPUR (string back)?"
- Alan, October 2013
"I've been wearing Fredy thongs for years and will continue to do so as long as they're available. Supremely comfortable with great support and a tight, snug fit. Just waiting for a swim version now!"
- Nic, October 2013
"i have owned a white fredy for three weeks and i only have one complaint i got the wrong color for me i should have gotten anything but white other than that make sure you get the proper size or it wont feel right great thong i love it"
- Lowe, October 2013
"Have just received 2 of these in white. They are fantastic for when you really fancy something tight and skimpy. The pouch is really secure and the elastic is well-designed. A classic."
- Juan, October 2013
"i orders a pair of freddy string but i should have orders 2 sizes up. They are a little bit tight. "
- Daniel Delgado, October 2013
"One of the few thongs with just a string for the back, which is ideal as too thick material can be uncomfortable.For anyone particularly well endowed you will want 2 sizes larger."
- Matt, October 2013
"I've been wearing Hom's Fredy style thong for years - so pleased deadgoodundies are stocking it - Fredy is the sexiest thong ever - superbly comfortable, sexy material, brilliant fit, makes you look and feel so good!"
- Paul, October 2013
"My favourite underwear of all. I love the tight stretchy fabric, and the narrow string back fits superly. Very sexy to wear"
- Carl, October 2013
"greate style and a sexy minimal cut a nice snug fit even if your a large or small male if buying in white may need to order two sizes up"
- Al, October 2013
"I've had a freddy thong 3 yrs now and if you want to try a thong for the 1st time this is the one, boxers are too hot in warm weather and thry great in the office under a suit - come on guys bin the boxers and take on th THONG - after all they are originally mens underwear! "
- Andy, October 2013
"Just got mine yesterday and slept in it...very snug fit even when ordering up a size. String back is very comfy, very minimal. The overall look is very hot, very supportive. "
- NYC, October 2013
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