Gauvine Modern Essentials Thong 1002

Product code: 80816
100% of 100

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  • Fab 0.5cm g-string
  • 1.5cm covered waistband with brand ribbon
  • Tagless with flatstitched hems for smoothest fit
  • Rounded unlined pouch
Men’s underwear string slips with an ultra fine back and superbly shaped front. Premium male briefs in beautifully breathable natural fabric. Low rise design.


92% Cotton, 8% Elastane


100% of 100
"I wear thongs daily and have done for years, and I'd not seen this brand before - they have a really roomy with pouch with plenty of space, and a sexy string back. And not expensive. I tend to err on the larger side for thongs and I went L for these - they're fine and XL probably would have been fine too. I'm 5'10", average build, wear 32" waist in jeans, but get measured at 36" for formal trousers. Hope this helps others with sizing."
- Angus, September 2023
"So far is one of my biggest favourites so far. I have tried different sizes of thing back's, some with 1.5cm which are still very nice, but 0.5cm thongs up to now have not had the right ratio of waistband and length of the string. This is the first thing for me that fits perfectly, and feels amazing! Out of all the ones I wear, this one is one of the very few that really feels like nothing is there and makes me feel really snug, likely due to it not having soo many layers amd stitching, that it feels like it's not there. And for the price, i cant complain! I got some initial ones a few months ago, then bought 4 or 6 more just so I always have some available. I of course still like to wear different varieties, but these are one of my favourites :D"
- Greg, June 2023
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