Doreanse 1390 Aire String

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98% of 100

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  • 2.5cm thong
  • Feather light stretch fabric fits where it touches
  • Shapely pouch
  • Slender elastic makes up the side straps and waistband
Super light and beautifully tactile thong from the Doreanse collection created from one layer of the smoothest microfibre and finished with a tapered 2.5cm thong.


75% polyamide 25% elastane


98% of 100
"I’ve been wearing thongs & strings for a while now used to buy hom plume then tried the aire string cant fault them at all very comfortable hardly know your wearing them "
- Robert , November 2023
"Can’t praise this Doreanse string enough. The fabric is light and stretchy the fit is perfect plus the rear shaped V back has been cut to perfection. They are super sexy with the added bonus of the Dorease logo printed on the thin waistband. This is in my opinion is the No 1 string on the market at the moment and will take a lot of beating from any rivals. Highly recommended enjoy. "
- David C, June 2022
"These are probably the best strings I own. It’s a toss up between these and Hom Plumes, but I think the Doreanse Aire just have the edge. The fabric is thinner and stretchier; although these strings are minuscule - when you first unpack them you really do wonder how you’re going to get into them - they hold everything really well. They feel amazing to wear. The string back is so well cut and the material is so light that I really don’t know it’s there. I take a 32 inch waist in jeans and the small size in this string fits me perfectly. They are the whole package: tiny and sexy, yet so comfortable that they can be worn as everyday underwear. "
- MC, April 2022
"Been wearing strings since the 1980s and have tried most brands on the market. But this fantastic string without doubt is the best string I have ever worn. The fit, design and material are first class and you won’t find a better string out there today. But the real secret of this string is when worn it feels as though you are not wearing any underwear at all they are that comfortable. A truly first class product from Dornease and can’t recommend them enough enjoy. "
- Paul M , March 2022
"been wearing thongs since 1993. tried most makes and styles over the years, these thongs are hands down the most comfortable I have ever worn. thin stretchy material, nice subtle support, and dry in minutes. ( I put them in a delecates bag to wash on a low temp, then air dry. I have many pairs of these now and can recommend them. "
- mark breen, April 2021
"good quality soft material super comfy and breathable I have bought quite a few of these, 1 of my favorites "
- TP, December 2020
"i thought the hom thong were good these are even better. i do find the waist band sometimes gets twisted and i wish the wait band would match the rest of the thong. great service, my new shop for undies ill be back... Thankss"
- anthony, July 2019
"Really comfortable. If you like minimal coverage along with comfortable feel then these are for you. They are very stretchy and I bought L as chart I later bought M and they feel even better for my 34 in size. Feel good. Factor."
- I, July 2018
"Wonderful fit and feel fantastic. If you like minimum cover and comfortable to wear then these are for you."
- IC, July 2018
"Very pleased with the fit etc. Great material nice colours!"
- David M, January 2018
"When Hom discontinued plume I was distraught. Luckily enough doreanse came with this amazing piece of underwear. Supports better than plume and fits a bit snugger/higher, whch is great to me as it prevents the saggy look sometimes plume gave. A++++"
- That IT guy, October 2017
"This string is amazing to wear. The pouch fabric is light and the pouch itself well shaped to enhance your package. Well worth having and great fun to them"
- Stan, October 2016
"Thong back sits nicely between your cheeks and doesn't ride up, almost feel like your wearing nothing!"
- Gj, June 2016
"Just got two of these is red look good & feel so soft hardly know you've got them "
- Robert, February 2016
"A great string...very comfy and sexy material. They don't stay on long when my boyfriend sees's them... Perfect for sleeping in..."
- Simon, November 2015
"just got these in white for my holidays for under white shorts only thing I noticed you can see the black waistband would be better all white "
- Paul, September 2015
"Good fit .Excellent for everyday wear.lightweight and comfortable.a very good choice of string."
- Les, March 2015
"Being 24 and wearing thongs since I was 14, I've worn my fair share of thongs, and this one here is so light and breathable. True to size and enough room in the pouch. MORE COLORS!"
- Taylor, March 2015
"I find those better than the HOM ones. more supportive and the thong strap is more comfortable. just got new ones! "
- Li, January 2015
"Just recived these in two days great service as before great fit perfect when wearing skin tight jeans"
- Barry, August 2014
"Good alternative to the Hom Plume. material seems a little thicker so more supportive and the waistband is slightly wider which I prefer. Totally happy with these and at £9 a bit of a steal. Might get a few more pairs as my undies of choice for my holidays."
- Mark, June 2014
"Like everyone else, I saw this as a contender for beloved the HOM Plume. And while the material is just as soft and lightweight, the thong sits too high on the waist for my taste. And I find myself falling out of the pouch from time to time,. Its a shame because its very close and the price is right. I'll keep an eye out for a version 2."
- Scott, June 2014
"quality & fit are excellent, great price too. Just got 2 off white & 1 off skin colour love em!"
- Ian, May 2014
"Like everyone else on here I was disappointed that Hom stopped producing the Plume as it has been my favourite for years, really ever since my wife got me into wearing strings and thongs. Thought I would have to look elsewhere for something as good. I have tried a few of the Gregg Homme strings and like the narrow string backs but the pouch is often not big enough ( not that I am bragging). The Aire is just as good as the plume and I will be buying more."
- Tom, May 2014
"Glad to see they now come in white makes a change from black will be ordering more of these used to wear hom plume all the time but these are just as good price a lot better to a multi pack would be good to "
- Robert, May 2014
"Still buying these as replacement for the plume string still waiting for more colours tho price a lot better than hom "
- Paul Carr, December 2013
"Item arrived the next day appeared to be of a excellent quality and fit. Would be great to have white ones and them be available in a multi pack come on Adam work some magic. "
- Rev Deal, December 2013
"I loved the Hom Plume and hoped that the Aire string would be a good replacement. It is! The material is really soft and silky and the waist band seems slightly more generous than the Plume sizing. The Aire pouch seems a tiny bit smaller than the Plume, but it stretched to fit round my package nicely and holds everything in place. Overall, The Aire string is so comfortable to wear, I hardly notice that I'm wearing anything. It's a great string at an excellent price - just need some more colours (personal preference is for red). "
- Steve G, December 2013
"Very comfortable, it basically feels like you are not wearing any underwear"
- GB, November 2013
"If anything, even more comfortable than the Hom 'Plume' string. I would echo the comments of previous reviewers re colour choice - lets have some. I'd certainly go for another in a different colour."
- Allan Matthews, October 2013
"Was a little upset when I found out the plume was being discontinued. Ordered a few HOM to stock up and got these to try. To be honest I like these even better, the fit is perfect and the waist band is a little thicker so it doesn't get all twisted up. And the price is more reasonable. "
- Dustin, October 2013
"Good to see a replacement for plume string wear them all the time hope to see them in more colours "
- Paul Carr, September 2013
"Just as comfortable, with the same silky feel of the material being in the same league as the Hom. Perhaps the string fits a little higher on the waist than the Hom, but this is not a problem since I think it enhances the overall look of the item when worn."
- Trevor Collins, August 2013
"What can I say, these are fantastic. The fit is great material is great. One of the best strings/thongs I have ever worn, fantastic replacement for the hom plume. If Doreanse do more colours then its a bonus."
- Ben, July 2013
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