Olaf Benz designer men's underwear and swimwear is always popular - more so in our clearance section. The brilliant outlet offers end of line and discontinued stock at fab prices. As you'd expect, we only have a handful, or even just one, of different sizes and colours left. From bum-baring strings to all-in-one bodies, these are for men who like the best.
  1. Olaf Benz RED1601 Mini Pant
    Now £21.70 Was £32.00
  2. Olaf Benz RED2106 Boxer Pant
    Now £30.80 Was £44.00
  3. Olaf Benz RED2103 Boxer Pant
    Now £30.80 Was £44.00
  4. Olaf Benz RED0965 Tanktop
    Now £34.30 Was £50.00
  5. Olaf Benz RED1601 Boxer Pant
    Now £23.10 Was £34.00
  6. Olaf Benz RED2113 Mini Pant
    Now £27.30 Was £39.00
  7. Olaf Benz RED2109 Master Shirt
    Now £57.40 Was £82.00
  8. Olaf Benz RED2114 Boxer Pant
    Now £30.80 Was £44.00
  9. Olaf Benz RED2065 Boxer Pants
    Now £30.80 Was £44.00
  10. Olaf Benz RED2065 Mini Pants
    Now £30.80 Was £44.00
  11. Olaf Benz RED2065 Brazil Brief
    Now £27.30 Was £39.00
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