Ergowear HIP Thong

Product code: 77404
100% of 100

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  • Beautifully shaped front
  • Back narrows to a 1cm g-string
  • Gorgeous silky fabric all one layer
  • 4cm deep waistband – brand name on front and initialled behind
Tempted by anatomical men's underwear but not sure about a super boost just yet? Here's a sensual, smooth, snug male string brief that will have you hooked on ergonomic design (and maybe ready for more?). Comes in recyclable, reusable package.


90% Polyester, 10% Elastane


100% of 100
"This is a very well-made and comfortable thong, which provides great shaping and lift, but doesn't poke any eyes out, so it would be good under suits or business casual. At least for my body shape, the cut is, well, odd. If I wear it as the model wears it, I get a bit of a muffin. None of my other Ergowear thongs do this - even the far more skimpy ones. I'm obviously not a model, but in good shape for 60. If it wear it higher, closer to the belly button, it looks a bit granny-ish. Don't get me wrong - it's beautifully made from quality fabric, and will no doubt look wonderful on many wearers. It's just not the right cut for me."
- Tim, January 2022
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