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  • Wednesday, 15 January 2020 15:33:35

    The Year of the Rat starts on January 25, so there's still time to be ready with bright red men's underwear for the Chinese New Year celebrations.

    Scarlet is considered one of the luckiest colours in Chinese culture, preferably embellished with gold at the change of the zodiac year. And of course Deadgoodundies.com is ready with a huge choice of red male underpants, from tiny thongs via bikini briefs to boxer briefs and shorts, some enhanced with golden accents, ready to kick off the year the right way.

    The selection of gents' underpants in shades of red on DGU is extensive, from fine mesh and silky fabrics to intricate filigree finishes and solid cottons. Whether you want to show off your lucky pants or keep them strictly under wraps for the advent of CNY, Deadgoodundies is ready to ship around the world. Always in plain parcels so your purchases are secret…

    And as Adam Davies, underwear supremo at DGU adds: "If you're a man who's never worn bright red undies or know a chap who's never enjoyed such a vivid choice in boxers or briefs, it's really worth a try. The colour is uplifting, the effect on any audience worthwhile, and if you wear them on January 25 and throughout the Year of the Rat (especially if you happen to be a Rat in Chinese astrology) they could bring you luck!"

    The Doreanse 1588 Boxer Brief (£13.00) is just one example of men's underwear shorts in stunning scarlet on Deadgoodundies.com. This maxi trunk has fine mesh body fabric and a lovely lined satin pouch - a luxury for him to celebrate Chinese New Year, especially if he was born at the right time to be entering the Year of the Rat. Good luck gents!



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  • Friday, 29 November 2019 16:42:51

    We know what men want. Men's underwear specialists Deadgoodundies.com are ready with a great Black Friday offer. DGU's Black Friday sale is a treat for gents who want to stock up on male boxers, briefs, t-shirts, thongs, strings, long johns and lounge wear. The special discount deal is simple on the UK website – 20% off all full priced products.

    Whether you're looking for masculine maxi trunks, sexy underwear for men, sporty shorts, multipacks or matching tops and bottoms, Deadgoodundies is the place for gents to shop. DGU's pants master Adam Davies comments: "When it comes to men's underwear Black Friday is a red letter day - an excuse to buy more of the undies you already love or experiment with new styles or colours. Our Black Friday sale is short and sweet. As always we ship to more than 80 countries around the world in plain parcels, so customers can keep their choices private."


    Unlike high street retailers – and many other online stores that sell men's underwear and male swimwear – Deadgoodundies has a huge breadth of choice across more than 20 brands. These international menswear collections cater for buyers who want traditional Jockey Y-fronts or Sloggi underpants to the latest high fashion lines from the likes of Olaf Benz, Manstore and Modus Vivendi. DGU has 14 core brands and stocks products like male swimwear and men's thermals all year round. There are 100s of repeatable favourites, topped up every week with fresh new seasonal ranges and colours.

    Customers can shop on Black Friday weekend or any time of year by brand, size, colour, style and fabric. And DGU has targeted sections for gents who want to refine their search to, say, cotton underwear, or sexy underwear for men. Be first to know what's new and restocked - sign up to the DGU newsletter.


    HOM's patented horizontal pouch opening on their HO1 styles provides an ambidextrous solution to the question of easy access in men's underwear boxer briefs. Always a best seller on DGU, the original HOM HO1 Boxer Brief (£26.00) comes in classic black, white, grey or navy all year, topped up with delightful seasonal colours. This brilliant male maxi trunk short is a best buy for Black Friday. And of course the HO1 solution is also used on briefs and longer boxer brief shorts from HOM.

    MODUS VIVENDI men's underwear briefs are a treat for gents who like more than a touch of luxury. The Modus Vivendi Meander Brief is a mini slip that changes character with each colour option – bright royal blue, white, grey marl and chic aqua. Each has the European brand's signature Greek Key waistband. Go on, spoil yourself gents.


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  • Thursday, 24 October 2019 11:04:21

    Every man needs long underwear in his wardrobe – so he's ready for anything at work or play. DGU has the answer to keeping warm AND looking cool.
    Think of them as base layers or long johns and long-sleeved t-shirts, these warming men's underwear designs can be useful for everyone from sportsmen to desk-bound office staff.

    "The days when long pants were just totally unfashionable Grandpa grundies are gone," smiles DGU founder Adam Davies. "True, there are technical base layer long johns for serious outdoor activities, but also finer pure cotton ankle length styles that trap, rather than generate, warmth when you need it."

    Deadgoodundies.com stocks men's thermal and long underwear all year round so customers can always keep cosy.


    The current line-up includes specialist compression long johns from Impetus to shorter 'johns' that stop mid-calf to avoid layering with socks at the ankle. Base layer, thermal and pure cotton male tops encompass classic round neck, long sleeve and long body t-shirts in cotton, luxury merino wool or with a dash of silk.

    And ask Adam says: "The website also supplies one-piece men's underwear bodies that combine a top and bottom together, including customers' favourite, the sleeveless Doreanse 5002 Boxer Body Suit, £28.00 in black or white cotton-modal fabric with a deep V neckline and poppers all the way down the front for easy dressing and escape.

    "The more coverage a man needs, the more care he should take in selecting the shape, size and fabric of his second skin underwear. Some thermal fabrics will wick away moisture, dry fast, prevent odours and even help regulate temperature. Even then, many gents prefer pure cotton, or its 'update' mixing cotton with modal for an even finer, silkier feel."

    What then IS the difference between a base layer and thermal underwear for men? The simplest explanation is that a base layer is a second skin that stops you getting cold, while thermal long underwear tends to be looser, trapping warmth to keep you cosy.



    SMARTWOOL: The Jockey Merino Long Sleeve Shirt (£60.00) in Smartwool jersey is quick dry, anti-odour and beautifully warm. The clever bit is that the yarn has a polyamide core to help keep its shape and talent – also used in the Jockey Merino Overknee (£40.00), Short Sleeve T-Shirt (£50.00) and a Long John (£50.00). DGU also stocks 100% pure merino luxury base layers for men – the Jockey International Collection long sleeve top and long john at £85.00 each.

    PURE COTTON: There are various choices in pure cotton long underwear for men at DGU including classic Jockey Y-Front Long Johns (£17.50) or in a thermal mix fabric at £23.00. In the bizarrely-named Spurt line, there's the Jockey 100% Cotton Long Sleeve Undershirt, white only £17.00, and mid-calf Jockey Spurt 100% Cotton Y-Front Over Knee at £17.00, handy if you want a different colour, coming in grey, navy, steel blue or white.

    BASE LAYER: Definitely more proactive when it comes to body temperature, the Doreanse 2960 Thermal Long Sleeve Shirt costs just £20.00. This one has a fleecy feel inside and comes in black or white. Alternatively, Jockey's Modern Thermal Long Sleeve Shirt in a cotton-polyester mix is priced at £23.00.

    COMPRESSION: If you want everything in one pair of long johns, stop at the Impetus Renergize Long John. With these £31.00 will buy you compression, thermal, fast dry, temperature regulating, odour controlling, antibacterial, ankle length pants that do far more than keep a gent warm. They also help prevent blood clots and work if you're standing still or sitting on a long journey as well as running around or whizzing down a ski slope.

    FASHION: More perhaps for home bodies and a trek to the high street rather than Annapurna… Modus Vivendi's Wolf Meggings (£61.00) are high fashion long underwear for men. These athleisure skins have a low rise waistline and snazzy shimmering velour down each side. The Wolf range also includes a long leg short, boxer brief, brief and jockstrap. Long johns to lounge, sleep or party in we think.

    RED: HOM's Silk 44 Inners Long Sleeve men's t-shirt top is a great thermal layer with very long arms! There's a few white left, but also red - a snip at £34.50 which is half price! With 14% silk the fine fabric is a great base layer and this scarlet male tee is definitely stunning.


    • wear long johns to bed – they're more fun than traditional jimjams
    • when it's just chilly wear long underwear with jeans (denim gets cold and wet really easily) and show off in a short sleeve T-shirt
    • try calf-length men's underwear with a smart suit – only you will know
    • keep your lower back warm with an all-in-one male body – no more builder's bum, untucked t-shirts or nasty draughts!
    • always have male long pants and long-sleeved tees to hand – for bonfire night, sport, coming home from the gym, work, walking, flying, skiing, site meetings, that Boxing Day trip to the beach… really any time your nuts might shrink!
    • if you’re moving between indoor and outdoor environments watch out for technical fabrics in men's thermal underwear like the latest specialist undies from Impetus – designed for thermoregulation so you're never too cold and won't overheat either.

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  • Wednesday, 2 October 2019 16:44:03

    Actor and musician Jason Donovan has once again proved he's a good egg - rushing out last night in just his underpants to help put out a fire at a neighbour's home.

    Fortunately JD had an extinguisher handy and he was on the scene in seconds, having spotted flames across the road. Hot on his heels were the London Fire Brigade who put out the blaze.

    Playing down his near-naked heroics, Jason tweeted: "This is a good reason to always wear PJs to bed (in case of emergencies) but much more importantly to have fire extinguishers at hand in the home."

    What he doesn't say is that if you're heading unexpectedly outdoors in your boxer briefs, make sure they're up to public scrutiny because there's always someone around with a camera.

    You know Mother always told you to wear clean pants JUST IN CASE. So in case you're called upon to go outdoors in your undies, DGU suggests being ready with HOM's HO1 Boxer Brief
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  • Wednesday, 2 October 2019 14:11:56

    We just made shopping easier! Buying men's underwear got a whole lot simpler on Deadgoodundies.com this week.

    New sections focus on top product categories, so customers can click straight through to see their favourites.

    There's COTTON underwear for men, SPORTS undies featuring technical and special fabrics, THERMAL male tops and bottoms base layers for winter, MULTIPACK covering 2-pack and 3-pack offers, and MEN'S SEXY UNDERWEAR. So whether you're a classic cotton kind of guy or searching for the naughtiest thong listed on DGU, your search can be so much faster.

    This move sharpens the focus on the huge breadth of choice on Deadgoodundies.com, one of the UK's most successful specialist men's underwear and swimwear retailers. As partner Adam Davies agrees: "This also allows customers who know exactly what they want to see tailored selections without any distractions."

    He goes on to explain what each category type covers:

    COTTON encompasses all products made using 100% pure cotton or 95% or more cotton with elastane for stretch.

    SPORTS underwear designs use intelligent yarns that help with temperature and moisture control, provide support where it's needed and the level of coverage you want. This section will also include fast dry, antibacterial and anti-odour products and the sportiest styling in fashion lines.

    THERMAL or WINTER underwear for men of course includes long johns and male leggings, long sleeve and short sleeved tops, fabrics with special warming properties, and anything cosy for colder months. Great base layers for sport, skiing, working or walking in the great outdoors.

    MULTIPACK does what the name suggests and presents male boxers, briefs and t-shirts that come in twin and triple packs, making shopping easier.

    And of course SEXY is subjective, but DGU has gathered together a selection of designs that are transparent or semi see through, lace, mesh, minimal, with zips or stripper clips, thongs, strings, briefs, bodies and even boxers with an overtly sensual feel or risqué appeal.

    Adam concludes: "Of course DGU still offers ways for customers to search our full selection, which is updated almost daily, by brand, style, size, colour, fabric type and price range, so it's easy to find just what you're looking for. Whatever a man's underwear desire or dilemma we have the right choice or solution."


    HOM's Premium Cotton Comfort Boxer Brief, £26.00 in black or white, is a luxury in 100% mercerised cotton. The best choice for gentlemen who want pure, breathable men's underwear.

    The IMPETUS Sport Boxer 1201G46 at £19.50 in black or red is high performance, fast dry underwear for men who want temperature, moisture, bacteria and odour control. From a selection of styles including mid-thigh and longer shorts as well as maxi underpants.

    SLOGGI's Basic Midi Brief Twin Pack £25.00 in black or white offers a modern classic – a deep sided male slip that men love to wear every day.

    The JOCKEY Merino Long John £50.00 in special fine wool is a luxury base layer for winter. The yarn has been created with a synthetic core to be fast dry and odour free. Also available as an over knee version for gents who don't want male leggings all the way to their ankle.

    A constant best-seller, MANSTORE's M101 Tower String costs £25.00 in black or white all year round, with limited edition seasonal colours added in spring and autumn. This is the go-to brand for male thongs because Manstore has developed different designs that provide specific levels of shaping and lift.

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