Joe Snyder Black Mesh Hilo 02 String

Product code: 8029
83% of 100


  • Size: One size to fit 30-36"
  • Waistband and string are just 4mm wide
  • Narrow single layer pouch with elasticated hems is secure and supportive
  • Super slim waistband with a T-string looped over for easy adjustment
The Joe Snyder Shining Hilo G-string 02 is one of the brand's tiniest pieces of string underwear – and it can be worn as swimwear too!


80% polyamide 20% elastane


83% of 100
"You know I'm going to wear this one at the beach! Hope hubby doesn't mind x"
- mriddleusa, August 2023
"Great string for tanning, you feel very risqué wearing it at the beach in Fuerteventura, as said before when the white is wet its very see through which is the aim isn't it?"
- Harry, July 2020
"Have worn this quite a lot at the beach, pool and spa. It is extremely small and only just covers the essentials, which is just what I look for in swimwear. Unlikely some tiny suits though, this one doesn't crush you and feels very comfortable to wear. With the tiny thin string at the back it also makes you feel almost naked in the pool or jacuzzi which essentially you almost are! Definitely turns heads and can result in some nice conversations. Feels amazingly sexy and daring!"
- John, July 2019
"The pouch doesn't keep everything in place. This product would be ok if the pouch was larger and the material was similar to that off the HOM Plume fabric. Its such a pity as I like the design and the colours. I have since thrown the product in the bin as being unfit for purpose. "
- Jack, April 2019
"purchased a white one, see through after a dip in the sea, not a problem if your brave enough to wear a g string at the beach, you just feel a little naughty when women sneak a look!"
- mike, February 2018
"The whole one-size thing is just unrealistic. That said, it just about fits (32" waist) but leaves little room for movement ! I have wore this underneath the corresponding Joe Snyder shining tanga thong (and bikini brief) for a bit extra support and this works well for swimming, you can then take off the outer layer to dry off in the sun!"
- Ian, September 2015
"Smaller is impossible! The pouch is too small I can't manage to cover my balls completely. A perfect tanning suit if you dare. Comfortable to wear it feels like being nude."
- Flavio, July 2013
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