Ergowear MAX Modal Thong

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100% of 100

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  • 4cm signature elastic waistband
  • Enhancing pouch accents your masculinity to perfection
  • Skin-friendly fabric and seams so you get support without the crush
  • Back narrows to 1cm
Ergowear MAX Modal Thong This is one very talented men's underwear string brief! This low rise male slip has a deep tanga style waistband and plenty of pizazz. Ultimate luxury for active bodies.


90% Viscose, 10% Spandex


100% of 100
"The fit and feeling of wearing these is completely different to any other underwear I've worn. The pouch seems to gather right under the balls, providing far more support than I've ever had and a very firm push out to the front. It's unbelievably comfortable for sport where it stops them getting trapped between the legs. The only negative is the price - to tell the truth I'm waiting for another sale to stock up on these - I hope they don't sell out in the meantime. Or maybe do a value multipack. I'd only chosen them because of the combination of colours. My sports kit is light at the sides so I wanted something pale coloured at the side (so it wouldn't show through) but dark at the front and back so the sweat stains (that just don't wash out!) wouldn't show. You'd be surprised how few pieces of underwear tick this box - just these and one other on DGU, also reviewed. So I only bought these because of the colour combination. But having chosen them just to wear for sport...... now they're a committed favourite. "
- Aaaaaardvark, March 2021
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