Ergowear FEEL Suave Thong

Product code: 32107
100% of 100


  • A single layer of velvety soft fabric used throughout this string
  • There is a 2cm wide rear
  • The concealed narrow waistline adds to the skimpy feel
  • A branded tab is sewn centrally to the waist
  • This male thong is made from material with fast drying properties
These thongs for men bring a revolutionary concept to men's pouch underwear. The brand's unique 'feel' pouch has no central seam helping to create a roomy three-dimensional bulge with an adapting shape.


95% polyester 5% Spandex


100% of 100
"Great thong. Material is beautifully smooth, stretchy, and soft. Really nice next to the skin, so no irritation around either your package or between your arse cheeks. The pouch is nice and roomy...relatively shallow, from my point of view, but nice and wide, so especially great for boys that like to lay their cocks to the side rather than pointing down. As far as thongs go, even well endowed fellas should find this one pretty squashing the tackle flat. The waistband has a lot of give in it, so if you use ergowears' sizing guide for your waist measurement, I'd definitely opt for buying within the normal to slightly tighter range. There's definitely some give in this material and style of thong...more than I'm used to. It's all personal preference though. If looser wear is your thing, just bear in mind that the pouch is shallow and wide and becomes less supportive the looser you go. Too loose and your tackle tends to weigh the pouch down and show the top of what's inside...but then that might be just what you're after ;) In all, a good comfortable thong you could happily wear all day. You could certainly do a hell of a lot worse. "
- Lee, March 2015
"Well this feels so good, silky, sexy and lovely against your skin."
- Lawrence, January 2015
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