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  • Monday, 9 May 2016 17:25:53

    Never shy of addressing dilemmas and answering questions relating to men's underwear, the experts at DGU were happy to spot this article about scrot rot. Or to give the 'itch' its proper name - tinea cruris.

    Men who don't slip into freshly laundered underpants every morning, and especially after every workout, run the risk of ending up with scratchy nads. This so-called Jock Itch is caused by the same type of fungus that gives guys athlete's foot.

    If you're an active man or get hot and sweaty at work every day, check out Deadgoodundies.com for products that can be washed at 60 degrees.

    Sloggi's classic mini men's from Deadgoodundies Sloggi's Basic range of men's underwear including this mini can be washed at 60°.
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  • Friday, 6 May 2016 12:00:20

    clever-moda-denim-jean-boxer-blue-front Even great looking denim inspired men's underwear like these from Clever have the recognisable rivets, but what are they for?

    REALLY? And today's interesting info will let you sound totally au fey when it comes to discussing fashion's fondness for denim, double or otherwise. The metal rivets on five pocket jeans are not the punctuation in a fashion statement - they had a purely practical purpose originally. To keep workmen's trousers together by supporting the bit that always wore out first.

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  • Thursday, 5 May 2016 17:25:23

    What do Sonny Crockett, Luther, Dr (2010) Watson and Don Draper have in common with Starsky and Hutch? Yes. Serious question.

    This week tasty Tom Hiddleston's Night Manager Jonathan Pine was voted the best dressed character on modern television. So the Telegraph's style experts came up with their top 11 most stylish gents on TV... ever.

    So, now for Deadgoodundies' question - how come so many of the top 11 are the stars of detective series? Have you ever seen a super stylish sleuth in real life (sorry officers!).

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  • Thursday, 5 May 2016 14:27:48

    This men's underwear article may be 43 years old, written in the days when high fashion briefs for men cost a quid (or less!), but not so much has changed. Looks have come full circle so the designs and prints look rather familiar. So is the male author's mock shock at the daring transparency, bright colours and minimalist cuts of some of the new collections. What we're wondering is where is that male model now?

    Mens underwear article from 1973 Article from The Guardian, 24 July 1973 about the changing fashions of men's briefs.

    Photograph from The Guardian

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  • Thursday, 28 April 2016 13:36:23

    A survey of men's underwear buying habits provoked outrage in the UK when it was revealed guys were (a) tolerating holes in their underpants (b) keeping undies for up to 10 years - and the average age of their boxers and briefs was four years. Plus (c) 10% of males confessed to wearing the same undercrackers for an entire WEEK before they were washed.

    Brand new HOM briefs for men at DGU A survey has revealed just how often men change (or don't!) their underpants.

    No surprise then, that the male population of Britain was reminded that nasty knickers are as much of a turn-off as bad breath.

    Strange then, that the average man's underwear collection comprised of 13 pairs of pants. Some silly mathematics explains how some men make their kecks last a decade - if they get washed once a week, that means each pair is worn only four times a year. Ewwwww.


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