DGU has 28/50 and 19/50

There will only ever be 50 of the astonishing limited edition Olaf Benz BLU 1955 Beach Pants anywhere in the world – and Deadgoodundies has two pairs of these unique men's swim shorts.

The holographic effect on this remarkable male beach boxer remains grey in ordinary light but when the sun shines brightly… Transformation! Microscopic glass particles create a shimmering multicolour effect.


Grey in ordinary light
Shimmering in sunlight

DGU has numbers 28 and 19 in the run of 50 pairs of swimmers. No 28 is a Large and No 19 a Medium, each with its own certificate of authenticity. These maxi shorts are wrapped in black tissue in a special box also confirming their limited edition status.

HINT: if you want your BLU1955 Beach Pants to light up indoors, you can put them – literally – under a spotlight.