New research just revealed that 21% of French men admitted to changing their underpants only twice a week.

Possibly worse, the study by IFOP, which translates into English as the Institute for Public Opinion, reveals that only 76% of French men and women shower 'or similar' every day.

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IFOP questioned 2005 individuals representing the overall French population for their study which also showed that 29% of respondents didn't wash their hands after using the bathroom.

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The HOM HO1 Mini Brief sells year round in black, white, grey melange and navy, supplemented each season by a new colour - this spring it's peacock blue. This is an updated version of the French brand's original design, with a modernised waistband, even softer 62% cotton 22% modal 13% elastane fabric, an improved patented opening and body-friendly flatstitched seams.