Warning! Not easy reading this one from d'Marge

Will you recognise yourself – and your men's underwear – in their guide to what male underpants say about you?

Boxers, briefs, thongs, inside out undies and more get the full d'Marge honesty today at https://www.dmarge.com/2017/10/mens-underwear-types.html.

With the blog's style assessment firmly in mind, we ask today…

DO your undies say the right thing about your personality and presentation? Ponder the possibilities.

Would different shape shorts up your game? Swapping baggy boxers for hugging boxer briefs attract admiring glances? Are thongs and string underwear for men really only for poseurs or the next best thing to going commando, good for staying cool and actually rather gorgeous when those buns are beautiful.

If you are tempted by a change of style, want to upgrade the current look or just check out the options before making up your mind, you know where to come.