Australian men are keeping their underpants for seven years. Guys living elsewhere in the world often do the same.

Now a new brand of men's underwear has started noted the month and year of manufacture on labels so a chap knows the age of all his boxers and briefs


But Deadgoodundies has spotted a flaw in this excellent idea: there's also mention of Aussie gents rotating just four pairs of pants and wearing them to bits - literally.

So will the age label survive to tell the tale?

Properly washed, well cared for and 'rotated' amongst a much larger collection of underpants, some may well survive seven years.

What recommends is a good selection of boxer briefs and shorts, tangas, tees and tops to sustain variety, hygiene and style. When you can't read washing instructions or the brand name any longer, the waistband is curly or sagging, or there are holes that were never intended, it's time for new undercrackers.

DGU is on standby round the clock for the men of Australia to top up their drawers any time. (Incognito of course – plain parcels)

Obviously Aussie Seven year underwear