Forlorn Formula 1 driver Jolyon Palmer says he has burned his unlucky underpants so his luck should change in the current championship – because he's not earned a single point yet.

Whether the wicked undies were real and he chucked them on a bonfire, or the idea is a euphemism, Deadgoodundies is delighted to hear he's taken drastic action. Men and their underpants are not easily parted.

DGU partner Jane Garner ponders the question: "If a man burns his unlucky pants, does he then have to pin his luck on a new pair… Or does he have to be very strong willed and not attribute any of his boxers with magical powers? Lots of the male underwear on has the power to make a chap look and feel rather wonderful, but winning an F1 race is a whole other ballgame. If Mr Palmer would like to investigate the potential of other pants, he knows who to call."

F1 Jolyon Palmer unlucky undies