Full body underwear for men… Whether you adore it or stand quizzically scratching your head, stay with us for the next few minutes because we're going to convince you of the brilliance of male bodies!

An incredibly sexy alternate to everyday undies, you'll find men's bodywear with long sleeves, short sleeves, polo necks, thong backs, short shorts, zips, clips and straps. They can be made from devilish leather, breathable, sensual velour or stretchy microfibre that clings to your body. Some come in simple cotton, joining top-and-pants with retro verve. The possibilities are endless!

Men's all-in-ones can of course be purely practical, acting as a brilliant winter warmer excluding those sneaky draughts at the waist. They can be great for upping your game as active wear or relaxing as surprisingly cosy loungewear.

Full bodies at DGU

If you're feeling wild and weird, DGU always has an extensive range of erotic menswear that will definitely send your love affair with men's onesies into the stratosphere.

If you've got the bod, DGU have the body! Check out all our wonderful designs here.