The international debate on what swimmers men should wear on the beach is hotting up. Minimal bikini briefs are falling out of favour as boxer cuts and retro trunks take over.

There's always been a Euro-American divide over how much fabric a man should wear beside the sea - the 'European look' being minuscule 'budgy smugglers' while men in the US still prefer flappy board shorts.

Now the middle ground - more Bond than Bondi - is gaining popularity as gents adopt stretchy fitted trunks or more tailored beach-to-bar shorts (

Deadgoodundies founder Adam Davies commented today: "With men's swimwear it's not black and white, right or wrong. It's more about what suits your body shape and what you do on the beach... sunbathing requires less coverage than a game of football or volleyball, splashing about in the shallows is very different from swimming a mile or two out to sea and back. Does your beach activity require a drawstring and must shorts have an inner brief to keep everything in place? Are you in and out of the water like a seal and prefer fast dry fabric?

"DGU's policy has always been to stock swimwear for men all year so whenever they're hitting the pool or beach, we've got a good selection of swimmers ready. Coverage ranges from the slinkiest thongs to mid-thigh shorts via bikini briefs and movie start trunks to hipster shapes."

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