Once again the perils of wearing the wrong men's underwear have been highlighted from a female viewpoint.

Old, saggy, holey and (yuck) dirty undies must be binned and replaced with something clean, fresh and nicely fitted according to the survey by Victoria Milan, revealed on the Female First website (http://www.femalefirst.co.uk/sex/male-underwear-984189.html).

It seems women with a lover pay MUCH more attention to what he's wearing than wives. Married women still loathe daft prints and ancient boxers. They don't want to buy underpants for their husbands and secretly wish that Mother-in-Law would stop treating him to something 'amusing' at Christmas.

Co-founder of Deadgoodundies.com, expert fashion journalist Jane Garner, agrees that many women complain to her that their men have very bad taste when it comes to undershorts.

"He thinks they're nice and comfy and what's the point in throwing something away until it falls apart? SHE on the other hand often finds his choices dubious at best. Remember she can never 'unsee' those nasty knickers," Jane says.

"If a man is prepared to put on a neatly ironed shirt and clean shoes for a date - be that first date, date night with the missus or any date on the calendar - then why not decent undercrackers while he's at it?

"Men have to realise that bad underwear is a total turn-off. It won't just spoil a romantic moment but can stop a new and promising relationship dead in its tracks. Imagine being presented with a beautiful gift, only to find your present is sealed inside a dirty handkerchief...!"

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