Woohoo - DGU loves it when a plan comes together. Did you know that you can now pin your favourite designer men's underwear directly from the Deadgoodundies website? WE KNOW its pure brilliance!
Now it’s even easier to create boards and wish lists (and forward them to your friends and family for birthdays) with over 100 DGU Pinterest boards to explore.

We've been having lots of fun playing with our Pinterest board and from the fantastic feedback you guys seem to be enjoying it as well. For rainy days when you fancy delving into some mood boards or when you need fresh ideas for your next undies (ad)venture, DGU's boards have something for everyone.

As you delightful people have probably guessed we're all a bit brief, boxer and string underwear mad at DGU and we just love showing off the latest, greatest and best underwear and swimwear we have on offer.
Don't forget to check in regularly as we're always updating our Pinterest boards with new stock and making fun new boards to inspire if you're stuck in an underpants rut.