YouGov researchers in the UK and US are taking a much closer look at which styles of men's underwear men prefer - and women like to see them wear.

In the UK the choice for male undies was limited to loose boxers, fitted boxer briefs or briefs. Baggy undershorts took the top spot at 38%, with fitted shorts at 25% and tighty whities 27% ( - with 3% of men nominating 'Other'... a different style or no pants at all.

When women were asked which shape they preferred men to wear their votes took a different path. Some 42% of women admire tight boxers but only 25% of men wear them, while 38% of men wear looser shorts and 20% of women prefer that shape!

A previous YouGov survey in the United States produced some interesting statistics about American men's underwear buying habits and concerns.

Gents there like bigger pants and prefer plain black or white in boxer brief (37%), loose boxer (35%) and briefs (25%) shapes over tiny voting - just 1% each - in favour of trunks, jockstraps and thongs for men.

This survey of 1000 adults asked about men's underpants as well as women's underwear. For men the options were loose boxers, tight boxers, briefs, trunks, jockstraps and thongs.

A whopping 90% said they vote for comfort over style and 72% of respondents always buy the same kind of undershorts. Male underwear colours got slim approval apart from blue which scored 18%, only 17% said they owned any designer underwear (77% said definitely not!) and 34% confessed to having a pair for 'best'.

Asked how good do you think you look wearing only your underwear, the USA percentages were much more evenly spread: very good (7%), good (11%), alright (38%), bad (21%), very bad (14%) and undecided (9%). is delighted to confirm that we ship worldwide and have lots of happy customers in more than 80 countries, including the UK and USA.


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