A survey of men's underwear buying habits provoked outrage in the UK when it was revealed guys were (a) tolerating holes in their underpants (b) keeping undies for up to 10 years - and the average age of their boxers and briefs was four years. Plus (c) 10% of males confessed to wearing the same undercrackers for an entire WEEK before they were washed.

Brand new HOM briefs for men at DGU A survey has revealed just how often men change (or don't!) their underpants.

No surprise then, that the male population of Britain was reminded that nasty knickers are as much of a turn-off as bad breath.

Strange then, that the average man's underwear collection comprised of 13 pairs of pants. Some silly mathematics explains how some men make their kecks last a decade - if they get washed once a week, that means each pair is worn only four times a year. Ewwwww.