Solar tan thru swimwear

Not many swimwear brands have a history that reads like a film script. Solar was started in 1927 in East Germany by Herr Kurt Oehme, originally making thermal and ski underwear. Due to political problems, he secretly began to produce in West Germany in order to safeguard the future of his family and the business. But the Stazi, East Germany’s Secret Police, discovered his plan and laid in wait for him at his factory. But en route a loyal member of staff intercepted Oehme and warned him of the danger he was in. His wife and son had already escaped successfully to the West earlier that day, so with no time to lose, Oehme had only one option - to swim the river dividing East from West. Solar went from strength to strength and later Oehme’s son, Peter, took over the business. Solar began using the latest technology and developed innovative swimwear. Today the brand’s strength lies in clever fabrics such as patented Tan Thru'. We loved the idea so much DGU has commissioned a special run of Tan Thru’ micro swim briefs and thongs.

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